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My favorite subjects.

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Wish they’d let me photo them more often

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Mug shot practice

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Hello World! Meet my urchins. They’re 80’s styling and should incarcerated for hurting my eyeballs and offending my fashion sense.

To be fair, I might’ve owned a white pair of these once upon a time ago…

Everything. All the time.

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My new babies!!!!!!!!

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Forgive the upside down crappy phone quality. Love.

photo.jpg for my Egg.

photo 2.jpg

photo 3.jpg for my Easter.

Our First Meal!!

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in brand spanking new (she’s scored a 9.8 on her apgar scale) kitchen!! Ev cooked for us. a vegetarian pasta bake. like 4 kinds of cheeses!! nom nom.

as of last Saturday when these were taken there was still quite a bit of undone odd and ends. Directly behind Ev the pantry door is missing. the dedicated ice machine had a little something to do with that. hinges? who needs ’em! looking up y’ll see the sky light still doesn’t have electricity to make it operable. just below that the upper cabinet is missing it’s doors, they were off getting some glass in them. the lower cabinet for the microwave. other then that the mess is all cooking and unpacking boxes. i’m oft heard “wtf do i do with all this space and HOW IN THE UNIVERSE am i going to know where i put anything?!?!”

Mz newly 19 yr old Ev has evidently had quite enuf of fotoging.

a Saturday spent mostly by the pool with friends and family and Ms ‘Rita followed by home cooking in new kitchen makes the Best Caturday Evar!! sorry about the No Flash shot, the battery was having a slow death in which it refused to charge the flash in which to conserve itself. punkass battery.

thx for making our first dinner Ev, we’ll all rmbr it for long years!! you rock.

Egg Disagrees

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This is a sign a parent cares about the kid and takes kid to Dr’s to

get pricked prodded and explored to see why he’s got a chronic runny

nose and stuff. It’s so chronic kid isn’t even aware he’s itching

rubbing his nose constantly.

Egg calls this evidance of hate. A clear sign I no longer love him.

While I did get pleasure from his pain for the marking of his back I

also got super antsy and upset his welt on his arm was growing by

leaps in mere seconds and naught I could do to fix him.

I still don’t think he has forgiven me!



photo 2.jpg


More Thieving!

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bringing home the goods

bringing home the goods

there’s a story here. it’s small. they met me for dinner in ________ and then they were done before me and wanted to leave. i firmly said No. they texted pleading messages. No. they made sad puppy wind-blown faces. NO. they offered to come home with a cone. YES LEAVE NOW! don’t fail in yr mission to acquire cone!

they didn’t. this greeted me (sans girls) when i opened the garage and did i just ever bust out laughing. it’s perfect. how did they know i needed something tall so i can mark my Stop-Do-No-Go-Further-Spot in the garage? never mind that my sirius radio has been my stopping point. what good is just an audio clue i’ve gone far enuf (the radio loses signal when i reach the sweet spot in garage) when i can ALSO have a visual clue??

The leetle thiefs

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the outer have only been in state for 1.5 hour and this be the SECOND cone of the day.

thankfully there were no more for that day. srsly tho if stealing traffic cones is the highlight of their teen years then all told i think thats pretty damn awesomtastic when considering what they could be doing.

to remind me

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i feel like a DJ today. it’s been nonstop music with a brief break to watch NPH on SNL. a lousy show but eh. i don’t watch it cos its mental. went out for some skoo chopping i hadn’t planned on buying paper i figured notes would be taken on lappy. but i did need a HiLiter. i’ve been trying to read a few pages since i’ve got my book and boy howdy are they dry. the one thing i’ve learned over my years is i certainly have the ability to learn via reading but i absolutely prefer visuals/hands on learning. but back to paper… i just thought a place to store papers i may be given would be nice. so a binder with paper and folders in it. how old school!

theres so many changes happening this year it keeps me up at night. just can’t stop processing the how-to’s or rather when-to-do something. it’s hard to recognize that my further movements absolutely depend upon others doing their movements. its a chess game i’ve never been taught. i just know i have to wait for my turn to move forward. okay maybe chess game is wrong, in that there’s nothing preventing me from a checkmate, i’m already winning, i just gotta WAIT. like house buying. we opened the game by submitting our pieces to the bank. now its their turn and i’m left waiting while they do their job. see WAITING again. or easter’s arrival… i’m just waiting for that. or for Friday, i’m waiting.

i think i’m phenomenally good at planning organizing but once my part is all done i just feel odd. i can’t just be still with my days to wait my turn for action again.

eh, patience a virtue i just don’t have. someday… i never thought i’d grow up, srsly i kept waiting and waiting to grow up but i didn’t know i had till i was. like i missed the moment. if i’da been patient i wonder if maybe i woulda caught it?

i have school tmrw and its a crazy idea to me. but i’m really getting off on the idea that my little family will all be in college. i’ll take my fotog stuffs, ogre will do a continuing ed credit in management and easter will take standard first year classes. and my egg he gets to be a rising HS school freshman!

but thats not what keeps me up. its getting married and house buying. in which ever order they get done. again each one i’ve made a move and am waiting for the return parry. well tmrw i’ll make the marriage thrust. but it’s already done as far as i’m concerned. =)

“waiting” in prison script should be my next tattoo.

Egg in Mazatlan

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Egg in Mazatlan

Originally uploaded by lnorigbphoto

foto editing or rather playing around with one of my FAv shots from the trip. i was aiming for more washed out but i think this foto isn’t lending itself well to the look. so i pushed it as far i know how without losing what i love about the shot.

perhaps my issue is that i’d rather have caught the shot about a half a second earlier when his chin was more up but his eyes still downcast…

either way.