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Day 17 Utility Room

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11/18/09 Day 1 Original Set up. notice how you can barely see the back door? to get outside y’d have to dogleg from the interior door to the right to get outside. my idea is just to have a straight thoroughfare and create a bigger bathroom (not pictured) and a larger master bedroom closet. in this foto the closet is the other side of orange wall with the yellow bit of wall ending the closet. 


11/23/09 Day 5 See the guy in the closet? the very small master bedroom closet? still that damn dogleg is there. 


12/2/09 Day 11 Mr CM (in the black shirt) is cutting away things to make room for the expanded master closet. it’ll pretty much expand to the main floor joist. 
the electrician and his helper are in the mud room pulling out the old electrical. the wall between them will come down. and go back up! but the interior door will have moved over. to the right.
about dead center to the squatting guy! 


12/4/09 Day 13 no wall. no door. no bathroom (which you never saw, eh?) the rectangular box on the right will fit into the rectangular box in the house to the left. 
the back door remains unchanged in all aspects. location.size. 


12/10/09 Day 17 phew! all framed in. i put the broom in there to give some perspective. typically there’s ppl walking in and out of my shots so i’ve come to rely on them to give perspective but today they were working in the other bathroom, putting another wall up.  so now you can see then when you enter the back door y’ll walk straight into the kitchen. no more doglegging it. y’ll also see the bathroom wall is pushed out to nearly flush with the 2 doors. the area in between the two doors (to the right) will house a utility closet, washer and dryer. so no more schlepping to the garage with laundry. 
this bathroom was just a half bath before. now we’ve created enuf space to make it a full bathroom however little it may be. 

phew. only one more day of fotoing my project… then i’m OUTTA HERE! off to Honeymoon with The Ogre!! 

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Day 15 in brief

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Nov 17 2009 -Living Room


Nov 24 2009 -Living Room 


Nov 30 2009 -Living Room


Dec 8 2009 -Living Room 

just a quick pictorial of the Living Room from beginning to today. i’m too busy to think. mainly i need to pack! instead i’m vidding with my urchin and trying to blogish something. meanwhile my bed is FULL of clothes in a state of disarray.  and i’m sure the ogre is laying on the smallest corner so as not to squish my pretty dresses! 

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Day 13 w/song

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There’s a hole in the wall, dear Liza, dear Liza, there’s a hole in the wall, dear Liza, there’s a hole.


With what should i fix it, dear Liza, dear Liza, with what shall i fix it, dear Liza, with what?


With a new electrical panel dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry, with a new electrical panel, dear Henry, dear Henry, with a new electrical panel. 


unlike the folk ditty, Liza and Henry no longer have a hole in the wall. 

now they have the ability to run many many modern electronic appliances and gadgets!!  well, not exactly thru that shiny box, not yet. for now it’s still coming into the house thru the milk door via a temp power source.  but the song was fun. no? 

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Day 12 plus ticket giveaway

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Barkyard build zone


First new electrical going in- shown: 4 of 6 can lights and 1 fan/light combo in center of living room


To Be Recycled- thar’s copper in them there coils. 


Giant ball of Twine. this ball was saved from dumpster by yours truly. it found use yday. it has a DNT (trash) order.


handy dandy electrical plan


ahhhh. yumz.


i didnt’ get over to the Project until late in the day. then only stayed a few. spent my morning answering emails and phone calls SIMULTANEOUSLY!

one email exchange went like this:
-Liz, answer yr phone have questions. waiting on you to submit loan docs.
-Mary, am OTP, i saw yr call will call asa i’m OTP.
-Liz, ok.
-Mary, here’s the info you req’d via phone: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
-Liz, rec’d & done. 

and i’m thinking why couldnt’ she just EMAIL her questions since my response via email was fine… Sigh. dragging peeps into the digital age is hard work!! =)

 my kitchen table is officially my desk now. am rethinking and wondering why we thought pulling the crew from here (my house) was a good idea… i hate my table being so covered with life! but my office is not even in a state one could work in. ohwell. it’ll be worth waiting for. my office. 

8 more days till i’m outta here and i’m stressing it big time! last minute to go out to Vegas fri night-Sun morn is REALLY REALLY gonna put a kink in my schedule. but a ride across the desert to eat delicious desserts with my bff seems like a good idea too. not sure i’ll get to see a show on Sat night cos a friendofafriend is getting married at some point on Sat. if i can i’d like to get to see Lion King again. that said i’ve got 2 tix for Saturdays matinee of How the Grinch Stole Christmas at Pantages. 

any takers?

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Day 11

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Inside of 68 yr old cast iron. 


Corner view of exterior of project


interesting relics. 


working the kitchen. 

wow A METRIC TON of work was performed today both in hours and in weight! never did get any shots of the crew under the house pulling all that cast iron up. in the last foto Mr CM is (i suspect) getting the joists ready for the subfloor. i know he went and added a metric tonne of blocking today to reinforce the long spans of nothingness. it also helps to cut down on the squeaking factor once everything is installed and starting to settle. 

i am so proud of my crew.  i know i can’t be the easiest person to work for what with my DO IT NOAW! CAN HAZ ALREADY? attitude. no srsly. i want it all done as soon as i’ve made a final decision. and typically they’re happy with that. what may drive them nuts is my ability to change my mind about things at a moments notice. so that final decision becomes F.D. Ver 1.2 then F.D. Ver 1.3 and on and on and on and on…
but really i do appreciate my crew. 

mostly what i appreciate is NOT being the labour. =) 

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8 days in

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Towner Day 1 -sad to not be able to save the tile work. but i’m revamping this loo completely


Towner Day 2 -BuhBye grotesque 68 year old rotten floor. 


Towner Day 8 – waiting to contact the Historical Society before we pull out the original tub. 

8 days in and the whole house looks like this. right up to the roof rafters. kinda cool. 
next up the electrician comes in and does a complete rewire. the plumber too will be there. only his job is particularly taxing. replacing ALL EVERY SINGLE cast iron pipe. even the ones that lead out to street side sewer. yup that involves trenching. in 2 places. one of those trenches will be shared with the new electrical/cable. buried lines FTW!

sorry about the delay. had some site issues and the holidaze was upon me. 

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Un Amico

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Too busy yday to post. My first meeting was at 0800 and the last at 1600. Gotta say tho it pleases me to no end to be my own boss. This schedule is my own. So just one picture from yday. The result of a 3 hr meeting. It should only need mere inches of tweaking and 2 new windows. Likely a tube light or two as well. Will be white cupboards. Stainless appliances. And silas stone countertops in Kona beige. Floor undetermined.

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I need a help

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So we’re pulling trim down around the Towner project. Under all the heavy lathe & plaster is a red brick fireplace. The front of the fireplace faces the family room. The back (red brick) is in the Master Bedroom. Should I pull all the l&p down. Repair replace the brick as needed then seal it nicely, making it a focal point in the room? Or should I drywall over it just creating a flat wall, hiding the fireplace?

Crappy celly pics but help ideas appreciated.

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Towner Project Begins:

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Pulled the demo permit Monday:

Yday the crew spent the day clearing the human debris. Tearing up the carpets. Getting the floors ready for the bully board. So we don’t wreck the original hardwood floors. Today they started demo on all the built in’s. Closets, cupboards, counters, etc.
As we’re closing up shop it looks like this:

Mind you these guys started their day at 0830 at my house doing demo. I HEART my crew!!!