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To Scare= To Beauty

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Really REALLY hate that my guys don’t practice good OSHA.he’s just kneeling on a 4×12 WITH HIS FEET HANGING OFF!gives me panic just to look at this photo again.

But at the end of the day i get to stand here. about 10ft out off the edge of my house.forgive the crappy iPhone pics. i’ve not been carrying my big camera around much since my trip.

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Some 3 Things:

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3 things that happened yesterday. (Sept 16 2010)

the upstair office lost it’s walls and windows. then it got reframed with rough openings for 5 new casement windows. currently it’s all boarded up. Mr CM and I 
were joking abt how i’ll soon be living in a fort! a really big fort with wifi & booze! cool hunh? am so very very happy the jackhammers are gone and the chisels on the air guns are silent. today was lots of nail gunning. (I’m not lying I’m just stunning with my love glue gunning) 


Wash got relaxed and stretched out. kittehs are keyute! Wash was born Aug 6 2010 making him (or her) 6 weeks old today!
Mumz local street cat had her litter on mumz back patio. so she became a Gma once more. i dispersed 3 of the 5 kittens. Mr CM took a most playful one, Brother Wheat took a shy one, seems we have a sleepy one. most i’ve seen Wash awake has been abt 25min then he konks out. i just might be falling in love with an animal. mostly i’m kind and even spoil animals but not emotionally attached to them. we’ll see if that changes. 


the Ogre and I went out for dinner and i got him to pull over so i could get this shot. pretty sunsets have been fairly rare since June. maybe even since April. June gloom rolled in May. and it’s still here. the remodel crew LOVES it. makes working outside all day rather pleasant. makes me rather whiney. i’d rather have bright blue skies filled with warm air. notice i said warm not BLAZING HAWT. i do like that but not for daily living. 

now i’ve got a date with Mr Ambien. sleep has been in short supply for nigh on 4 weeks. i consider it a GREAT LUXURY when i can take a pill. most days i’ve got things scheduled starting at 0800. so can’t take any sleep aids due to the hangover. but tmrw morning there’s a BLISSFUL nothing on my calendar. Sunday dawns bright for a day spent with Mumz & MiL at Taste Of Newport! 
care to join us? 


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My Views…

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seems like she’s bossing him, eh? (At Sea Level)


the view from my neighbours house. (1.5 miles above Sea Level)

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Laura -Girls

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I hope that you’ll listen, all i’m trying to say…

I know i’ve made mistakes but i’m asking you to give me a break


I really wanna be friends forever…


(Blimp photo 01/29/2010 @4pm, Sunset photo 01/29/2010 @5:27p)

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