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Home. Why do I ever leave?

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There’s a LAST EVER shuttle launch in this week pictured below. And a holiday full of Mouse and Potter.


And there’s a stellar gorgeous lovely sweet smelling week in the picture below.


Please dear best ever SoCal weather, won’t you follow your sun loving baby to the place that Walt built? And JK Rowling? Ok. You can follow me to space too. Love you bunches. -me

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my fav baby vlogger is back!!

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Jessica’s Blog: Blowin’ Smoke

Can Haz A BayBee?

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i feel this way about GrayCee.

tourista shoots

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Cos it can’t be all work, we had a quick photo shoot of our own.


he’s doing the Immabe-gettin-outta-da-rain dance. too keyute.
thanks napa valley, you stole my heart & opened my eyes.

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Finally. Just threw crap I had on hand On the shelf. Think I may leave the bookends w movies or maybe books there permanently. Will add a bookcase and possibly some more crap around the mirror. Anyway I’m just THRILLED Mr CM & Crew are finally nearly almost out of my house!!

Now the exterior… Well something like 9 more weeks.

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Not Shown

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so this photo is about 2 things
1st those bombasscool ceiling lights!! if i could taken tho babies home… they’d live peaceably with me FOREVER.
alas. no. didnt’ do it. 
2nd. EIGHT cawfee pots shown. THREE more i couldn’t get in the frame (why no iPhone wide angle lens?) all live in ONE room.
i puzzled this for 3.5 hours while i sat in the room. at times i was definitely NOT listening to my lesson while i made up stories why ONE room would require ELEVEN
cawfee pots. i did my best to channel my inner Neil Gaimen, he is the master at anthropomorphism, and since i found my silly stories unworthy i elected to turn my attentions back to my lesson. 

but, really, WHY?


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i am amused

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(finally sat down and uploaded 205 photos form my phone. expect MOTS)

my days may be action packed slammed but my days are def amusing. see below. 


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Multiples of the same

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I used to be the girl who had to take a bus to go anywhere. Sometimes 3. Now I have 3 vehicles to drive. Tonight I’ll have 4 to chose one from. This life. I wish you knew how grateful I am to have it. I wish I knew how to show you.

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i’ve been on your mind

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My 1st full day of no Ogre, his first full day on the trail. His new mistress. Hard not to be jealous of her. He’ll fall in love, he’ll give in to passion she stirs. She’ll cradle him as much as challenge him. Hard not to be jealous of the great Mother Earth, just gotta hold on to knowledge that I’m as much a part of her as is her massive Appalachian Trail. In the end I hope she leads him back to me.


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Stuff. i haz it.

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been thinking a lot about my stuff. how i used to have hardly any. then how it was all destroyed (twice). and now how and more importantly, why i am a acquiring more. i practice this philosophy; just because i CAN does that mean i SHOULD? and if i DO what is the EXACT impact owning some thing will HAVE?

this i try to make my daily mindset. sure some things get bought with no thinking. Music? Sure. Books? Absolutely. anyway… my Ogre is leaving (me) for 6 months and we’ve been talking a lot about stuff. mainly the things (stuff) i will be 100% responsible for. we’re going round and round about things and his response is nearly always “it’s just STUFF, i don’t care” then i find this article ( today and much of it really sinks deep with me. one paragraph really moved me.

Another way to resist acquiring stuff is to think of the overall cost of owning it. The purchase price is just the beginning. You’re going to have to think about that thing for years—perhaps for the rest of your life. Every thing you own takes energy away from you. Some give more than they take. Those are the only things worth having.

everything i own takes energy away from me so i better damn well make sure things i do own have value to me. ok! i can get behind that thought process. and so in reality i’ve already been practicing a fair amount of this. i’m excited for the changes this practice is bringing. can’t wait to offload some big things that own me and get real down and dirty with the smaller things that own me.

so my Ogre doesn’t much care about stuff and i do care about stuff. so how about we leverage our care? i find less to care stuff to care about and Ogre finds… well Ogre’s off to find himself and i think thats just about perfect, for now. =)