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I quote:

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I don’t care that he’s sick. I don’t support his attendance habits. Direct quote from his principle. Ohrly? Now we know his school truly just cares abt money. And his body is the currency. I see this going nowhere good fast.

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theres no pressure

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9am and i’m thinking about putting the AC on… also was thinking till nearly 1am and then awake and thinking again before it was really light enuf to see the clock. gave in an got up at 7am but i had already cked emails, texts, and fav www pages. from bed- BEFORE CAWFEE. now it’s 2 cups in and my ToDo list has some things ticked off but mostly i just added to it. -Sigh-

i’m toying with the idea of just removing ‘marriage’ from the ToDo list until further notice.  there’s also available to me a wedding planner, it’s an option. but i may just be too much a control freak to let a WP do their job wo chronic interference from me. but also i may just be too busy to really care about details. cos i’ve made a commitment to myself to do this school thing right. in a large part cos my egg is just seeing schooling as not a valuable commitment of his mental prowess. and i wonder if thats not due to some part of me not placing a high priority on schooling? so i have to do this for me and for him. i’ve got the support financially and emotionally from ogre, so there’s no legit reason for me to stop going.tank the baby jeebus that Ev has got the bug for school. all i have to do wrt is make sure she has funds to pay for it, she does everything else!

so to further this we’ve dedicated the ogre’s old mbpro to MY school stuffs. Ev will likely get the Air for her school stuff, just need to put an open office or something on there and get my music off. egg will likely get ev’s old dell’s and not be happy cos neither of them are strong enuf to run his games. and the ogre has his fancy shiny cool new mbpro. i have covet. =)

sigh. it’s too warm. am sweating already. shower here i come!