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Things I Carry Meme:

August 23, 2010 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

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there’s (was?) a meme going around the parts of the net i frequent, it’s the Things I Carry. it’s pretty fun. i liked seeing everyones stuff.
so i did my own Friday night. 
-lightweight black sweater
-my hobo clutch purse which i use as a wallet (lots of personal effects inside it)
-red CC wallet
-the blue round case stores ALL those lipgloss’ (i may have a lipgloss addiction)
-headphones w mic for the rare times i need to carry on a long phone convo.
-tape measure. thats my purse one. 
-2 keys leftover from NOLA on a PHX (i think) keychain. 
-4 black pens
-cocktail napkins from my drinks friday night.
-a coupla bucks cash
-a screw. i needed to match the width & length. 
-a movie stub. TGWPLF
-my wells fargo money bag thingy. rent money lives there until i deposit it. 

Not pictured, my purse and my iphone. cos i was using it to take a photo!
do yours? 

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