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Go West

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(Together) We will love the beach
(Together) We will learn and teach
(Together) Change our pace of life
(Together) We will work and strive

There where the air is free
We’ll be (We’ll be) what we want to be 
Now if we make a stand 
We’ll find (We’ll find) our promised land 

Luxor Temple, Egypt. Nov 2010

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Hesham Speaks

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Of many smoke breaks Hesham often used that time to tell non OG stories.

they were very entertaining and illustrated.
and never is he ever without a smoke. he is the living embodiment of
“Smoke’em if you got’em”
I’m sure he must hear it from many, with every tour, but i sure do hope he gets
to the States some day. it would be my pleasure to tour him around Southern California.
Tho! at a much much more leisurely pace. =)
he might should bring his own smokes. i suspect the watered down version we have just won’t do.
Hesham Rahoma, Egypt. November 2010

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