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Smokey Mtn Brewery

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This. My crew. I luff them.


Go go Jo! (m.i.l.)


Me Mumz! Smokin hawt mamma.


My hiker hubby!! I love the beard so much. Cant wait to see it in a few more weeks. That’s trail mate Shadow to his left. Gatlinburg makes our tourist town look positively sleepy. And I hear this is the slow season. Coulda fooled me!

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Hot N Juicy

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Gear Up Gramma

We’re all geared up and ready!

I ordered a bag of shrimp. Ogre got crawfish.

We needed a lesson in How To eat crawfish.

Gramma went with a few lbs of

steamed crabs. she’ll be a happy Gramma now fer sure.

OMG! good thing they lay big white pieces of heavy paper

down. means we just took all the liquids off the table and rolled it right up when we were done.

i like this method. think it’ll go over well at dinner? everythign served in plastic bags, spiced all to hell and

then rolled and trashed? i may try…


(15yrs old and still puts his bib on backwards)

just getting the 411 in case y’all wanna

go out there sometime. it’s more 5 star fun then 5 star meal imo

but worthwhile. I think next itme I’ll just order some hushpuppies, a dozen ersters and

a fountain drink. =)

Dead Fred, Va

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or maybe it’s better known as Fredericksburg, VA. Mumz took these shots today and 3 hours ahead of me. i’m posting them here for a variety of reasons.
the first is quite rightly cos for 4 weeks i’ve had on the schedule today is Photo walk day w ND. it’s a great day in SoCal for a photo walk. but i am ill & ailing. so i cxled. but Mumz shots have inspired me to maybe gear up and do a photo walk of my house. it’s still quiet, quite unlike how when i usually take photos there’s noise dust and guys around. guess i can push thru the stunning neck/head pain, the wracking cough and the general fog of no damn energy. 

maybe even just a photo walk with my ip4. it does take some GREAT fotos. (see below)

Rappahannock Docks. love the reflection in the water. even the river reflects the beautiful blue sky. my first viewing of this shot i didnt’ even notice she got the train on the bridge. once upon a time i would go climbing under that bride out to the middle trestle (with the white dot on it) and we’d sit and make out in the bat guano. typically we’d wait till a train went overhead or i had to pee. Great shot Mumz! 


Where’s the line?! you can wiki this place. it’s semi-famous. i bet Mumz was here first got her wet nut sundae with dirt on top (that’s my order, no idea what she rly got) and then took it down to the docks. 

Looks like she’s having a great-last-day-of-vacay. 

-All shots by Mumz on her ip4-


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my fav Minion. <3 #fb

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pretty mumz. she should use this on her future dating site ad, hunh?

Would You Get Out Of My Shot? #fb

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uhm? what?

ready for your close up?

very cool bike stands.

she’s so sweet. glad she’s me mum. and extra glad she’s willing to be my subject. and by subject i mean minion. =)

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Angus can smile!

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3 Monkeys In Cuba

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if i recall correctly 2 of the 3 monkeys had been drinking rum… Esp the fotoer!
Egg, Mumz & Ev
Havana Cuba 03/27/2010

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Playing w/ mudders

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Mumz in Carlsbad


me MIL in Carlsbad too. 


a nice woodland scene. abt as woody as one gets in SoCal, eh?


dare to be different Sweet Pea


thars a bee in thar bonnet. 

playing with apps on the ipad. keeping my hands busy to keep my brain from dwelling. 

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Thirty-one years

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31 years these women have been friends. ‘Appy Mudders Day Mumz!

Everything. All the time.

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Carlsbad Flower Fields of a Sunday Morn #fb

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prettys. My fav shot of the day. 


Mumz N Mil in the Sweet Pea maze. why yes, i did beat them out! 


Ladies who Flower. 

if we were SMRT we’da called today our Mother’s Day outing. ohwell they’re both fun enuf that i don’t mind doing it all again next month. 

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