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i am amused

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(finally sat down and uploaded 205 photos form my phone. expect MOTS)

my days may be action packed slammed but my days are def amusing. see below. 


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Eye to Eye

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this is how a Note To Self looks in my world:

Designing stringer risers based on what tools are avail to install. The drill head is the pivot point

um what?

i know exactly whats going on here. and i find it kinda amazing that in this day and age of cutting edge space travel, medicine, and electronics, building things still is kinda old school. our ideas for these stairs are AWESOME. no really. but we keep coming up against a lack of tools able to be used to install the risers as we see them.
AND i’m really enjoying the thought process that happens when we talk about ‘this is the tool we have’ Vs ‘this is the design’ and without giving up an idea we GET CREATIVE and push ourselves to still have the design using the limited tools.

and guess what? WE WORKED IT OUT. the risers might even be more beautiful then *I* had designed. my metal guy and Mr CM have taken my design and (in my eyes) made it even better!

one day i’ll show you pictures. the steel has been ordered today and if all goes well i’ll have stringers in 2 weeks. temp risers immediately after that. and towards the end of this whole thing i’ll have beautiful solid 3″ pieces wood risers seemingly floating in air.

LOVE THIS LIFE! so grateful.