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Smokey Mtn Brewery

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This. My crew. I luff them.


Go go Jo! (m.i.l.)


Me Mumz! Smokin hawt mamma.


My hiker hubby!! I love the beard so much. Cant wait to see it in a few more weeks. That’s trail mate Shadow to his left. Gatlinburg makes our tourist town look positively sleepy. And I hear this is the slow season. Coulda fooled me!

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Playing w/ mudders

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Mumz in Carlsbad


me MIL in Carlsbad too. 


a nice woodland scene. abt as woody as one gets in SoCal, eh?


dare to be different Sweet Pea


thars a bee in thar bonnet. 

playing with apps on the ipad. keeping my hands busy to keep my brain from dwelling. 

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