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xkcd forced me to early post.

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Im happy with my Kindle 2 so far, but if they cut off the free Wikipedia browsing, I plan to show up drunk on Jeff Bezoss lawn and refuse to leave.

"I'm happy with my Kindle 2 so far, but if they cut off the free Wikipedia browsing, I plan to show up drunk on Jeff Bezos's lawn and refuse to leave."

Happy early Birfday my Ogre! guess y’ll be needing a towel and a pint of 2 of something nummy as well.

his is scheduled to arrive tmrw and i must admit i’m way beyond jealous. but i think my upcoming birfday with also have fabulous gadget included. wOOt!

it’s gonna be an awesome birthday for him this year. it’ll be 5 days of celebratory drinking reveling shenanigans @ SXSW!!

i lub you, babe.

Four Walls

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Is it much that I feel I need
A solid soul and the blood I bleed
With a little girl, and by my spouse
I only want a proper house

I don’t care for fancy things
Or to take part in a precious race
And children cry for the one who has
A real big heart and a father’s grace

I don’t mean to seem like I care about material things like a social status
I just want four walls and adobe slabs for my girls

Animal Collective “My Girls” -Merriweather Post Pavilion

so this song. ya i adore it. very much. and every time i was surfing the ‘nets for houses i would either play it or be singing it. an ya it seems to be from a man’s pov but seeing as i was a single mom for so many damn long years i feel like it’s ok i claim it as my own. i did a dad’s job to the best of my feminine ability. also i get a big kick out of the ogre’s reaction to this song. he cringes & winces. i think not so much for the lyrics but for the music. he’s not a fan of Casio tone et al.

today we sit and sign the Escrow Documents & Statements of Disclosures, Title Report and go thru with very caffeinated eyes the Inspectors report. i’ve already requested that RR find a Geo-technological engineer for the erosion thats started splitting the RV driveway. it doesn’t seem to be an emergent problem but if we continue to get stellar rains i have gut feeling we could have a big problem on our hands. i also have want to investigate the roof. it’s got some bare spots. it’s only covered with rocks… so we just get a bag of rocks up there? special roof rock? and what about the Santa Ana’s moving rocks around possibly to fall on the cars or MY HEAD? why rocks on a roof anyway?

and i need a chimney sweep. a dude that comes and cleans out all the AC/Heater vents. a pool company. landscape care person.  those to come after purchase. before purchase a geo-tech engineer and a roof inspection?

this is hard. by far the hard adult thing to date. maybe the decision to marry is still harder.

Escher, Like Stairs.

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if i thought house picking was terrible on my emo i knew nothing. this. this waiting. this being told it all seems good to go but we really know nothing is KILLING me emo. it almost makes me want to withdraw our offer and send R.R. (realtor rob) on a hunt to only find houses STILL OWNED by their owners. that way we can know the status of things within days and not weeks.

i’m finding it terribly difficult to not think in terms of our house/my home. i’m having trouble not decorating already in my head. i’m fighting the urge to call the painter and go look at fresh paint colours. and what about turning a window into french doors? and the master retreat, no i think it won’t be ‘our’ tv room it’ll be our library. of course we’ll have a tv in the room like now but it won’t be placed in the retreat area. again i’m already dreading the open concept of bathroom. the vanity area does not have a door. it won’t kill me. but i do like being able to close the door while i put on hose or makeup. or merely brush mah teef i have left! and the bedroom that is downstairs? do i set it up as a guest room or let the egg have it? as it would give him the illusion of space and privacy away from the main family bedrooms? or is it better as a guest room so if my gram ever comes to visit she doesn’t have to navigate the stairs?  and don’t even get me started on my own personal dread of stairs. damn fucking disney is all i can say about that. i’ve had a blessed nearly 2 years of stair-less living. i’ve been able to get to a place where complaining of pain is a mild occurrence instead of a 24/7 occurrence. i’m grateful to have been able to have this. i’m even doubly grateful to be able to afford a house in this market. but the stairs and i, i think we will have long talks and much negotiations. and like L and i were talking it’ll have to be once i’m down i’m downstairs for the day. or once i’m up thats it. i’m up. i simply cannot traverse them often. not if i want to maintain my current lifestyle of NOT HAVING CHRONIC pain. and the fact is there will also be 3 other adults who can do my running up and down. i just have to ask nicely. =)

i think i sussed out why house shopping was so hateful for me. the owners. having them there. their desperation. their anger sadness hopefulness et al. all their emotions are just broadcasting in their speech and body language and the houses were infiltrated with it. the carefully placed Staged Decor or the fuck-it-all-i-have-no-hope-left decor even the empty house was so sad and pathetic feeling. all of that negative emo just leaves me praying hoping that i don’t have to do it again. that this house is the One.

so today i bought some moving boxes. cos moving is going to happen. i bought the small size so i’ll just pack up books and tchotchkies. i can’t sit here and just do nothing while waiting. i do see this current house stuff as a another lesson in patience. the universe keeps on giving and giving and giving me the opportunities to practice patience and i frakking hate every second of it! i’ve learned not to fight the patience but i’ve not learned to embrace and like being patient. and so my evidence of hating patience is moving boxes. it’s still a forward motion. however much i feel like i’m just spinning my wheels!

and the wedding stuff, i think i’ve negotiated with M to do all my addressing of envelopes. i conveniently forgot to mention he’ll have to do it all twice!! teehee. but i plied him with nom nom cawfee beans and a book in a series he loves. so if i have to repeat the measure twice? so be it! i am actually looking forward to clearing this off my ToDo list and adding some other wedding things in…

there’s still much homework to-do. thankfully i’ve a teacher who understood why my hw didn’t get done. but this week i shall do last weeks and this weeks. i make no promises about reading 4 chapters of dreary.  and i’m worried about easter… i know she’d say shouldn’t be. i’m fairly sure she’d tell me if she’s miserable lonely. but if she’s here holed up how can she make some fraans? and maybe she really is just enjoying this time of do nothing see no one go nowhere. i dunno but still i have worry.

and here’s a few photos of the house tho not of the actual house. cos i can’t find the listing… both of these houses are in the same neighborhood and since it’s cookie cutter neighborhood looking at one is as good as the real thing.


Wrath of the Lich King

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tho i always think wrath-of-the-lichen and i giggle inside cos a game about moss would be so funny. well at least to me. it has to be better then a game about directing puffs of air with fans, yes? tho >that< game kept ogre up half the night. a game about PUFFS.OF.AIR.

so when i read absolutely well written homages of lurve about games it kinda blows my mind. i used to think gaming really was for the simple minded. oh how little i knew, how naive. gaming is absolutely thoughtful  with copious amounts of STELLAR artwork. well thats the part i notice.  the art.

so given i’m not a gamer i tend to not be in on the press reviews about ogre’s job. but sometimes i’ll see one that has the ability, albeit slightly, to push me to want to play. and by play i mean watch and bug someone else who is actively playing.


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just noticed that Loudtwitter hasn’t sent things over here (or at all, depending where you are reading this) in 2 days… i’m thinking its a loudtwitter problem based on the comments over there. so if yr needing my Tweets. i know i am!!! go here:
and if you have a twitter and i don’t follow you then you should link me too!!
ok happy food coma evening.