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“Rightous Dude.”

January 17, 2009 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

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Qty 14 Lowered quality hi lites of the day. and yaknow i like the saying “work smart, not hard” so i opted for the Panasonic FZ28. overall it was an awesome decision. the d90 is still just too much. and has way heavy weight. i care about my gadgets i really do but it’s nice to just have less worry wrt damage. today was a blast. i had a blast hanging out with ym urchins and just enjoying their wit and smiles. i have wish that everyday they’d get along so well. i cna’t see why they wouldn’t…

hanging out w/L has also been lovely. im very grateful she made the time to accompany us.

still have to sync and upload the iPhone phots of the magic kingdom. most are of small world and most are all blurry twisty. i was spinning te phone as the shutter closed. makes for cool. i do really enjoy the width and space of the MK but so far the only ride that is hands down way cool is Mansion. Pirates is teh suck. small world is clean and everything can be seen much easier, not so much shadows. but srsly it’s BIZARRE to not be the ‘moat’ around the castle… ohwell. tmrw is Epcot. batteries are a’chargin’