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Flags for new tattoo idea

February 20, 2010 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

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Bex is flying in tonight for some tattooing and sightseeing. i’ve got teh crazy idea of flags from every country some how artfully arranged on my skin. cos i certainly don’t want 2×2 sized boxes of flags on me. her idea is a pretty lady with a hat and on the hat is a wreath of flags instead of a wreath of flowers. i do very much like that idea and can see it in my minds eye. i just wonder abt how to incorporate more flags at a later date into that… may her hands are bare now but in a few years when i’ve got another set of flags under my belt she can be holding a bouquet? or some fallen flag-flowers at her feet? Bueller?
Also she’s got some opening in her schedule for other tats. you coming by or what??


Philippines rp-lgflag.gif
S. Africa south-africa-flag.gif

Zimbabwe flag_Zimbabwe.gif
China 1205815591fChina_flag(1).gif
France france-flag.gif
Hong Kong 800px-Flag_of_Hong_Kong.svg.png

  1. Columbia 800px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg.png
  1. Nicaragua nu-lgflag.gif

Costa Rica cs-lgflag.gif

  1. Cuba Cuba-flag.gif
  2. Mexico Mexico_flag.gif

Canada (Vancouver) dbi_flag_canada.gif

  1. Bahamas bahamas-flag.gif
  2. Curacao & Aruba (Antilles) netherlands_antilles_flag.jpg

Panama 250px-Flag_of_Panama.svg.png
Taiwan TAIW0001.GIF

PS: yes i am cheating on one country… so what! sue me.

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