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a moment.

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have i been neglecting you, my poor sweet blog? please forgive. it’s been interesting over here. i thought life was going –> that direction but then BLAM things changed and no, we’re going <– this way. takes some adjusting. and sometimes i don’t get to indulge in my fotoging. but here’s the last time i did: 




am i finding my niche? the style of shots i REALLY REALLY want to take?





seems so. as i’d say these are my personal top 10 EVER shots. i am so blessed to be at a point in my life where i have the chance to do work i love. so grateful. 

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Hot N Juicy

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Gear Up Gramma

We’re all geared up and ready!

I ordered a bag of shrimp. Ogre got crawfish.

We needed a lesson in How To eat crawfish.

Gramma went with a few lbs of

steamed crabs. she’ll be a happy Gramma now fer sure.

OMG! good thing they lay big white pieces of heavy paper

down. means we just took all the liquids off the table and rolled it right up when we were done.

i like this method. think it’ll go over well at dinner? everythign served in plastic bags, spiced all to hell and

then rolled and trashed? i may try…


(15yrs old and still puts his bib on backwards)

just getting the 411 in case y’all wanna

go out there sometime. it’s more 5 star fun then 5 star meal imo

but worthwhile. I think next itme I’ll just order some hushpuppies, a dozen ersters and

a fountain drink. =)

Happy Mothers Day Brews.

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such a pretty entrance to the art show in a brewery. nifty place. i would not mind going there of a afternoon for a beer with a view.

Brew pads- the reflections in the shot are cool too.

Koi Ale – i waited and waited for a bit for the koi to swim close to the flower. NTS: a tripod helps the waiting. =)

Happy Mothers Day! my Ogre & truly the best Mother-in-Love i never knew i could have. i hope i’m as sweet to my future kids-in-law, it’s likely, as i’ve got a great role model. thx Jo! love ya lots.

Cousins and friends. can’t wait to see them both again. maybe next time we’ll leave the Ogre at a home base… =)
PS my personal foto growth i’ve been working on is keeping my horizons level w/out a level. i faired well in all the above shots. quite proud i am!
PPS gotta do a Mumz mother’s day next. get to thinking Mumz. Palm Springs Aerial tram…?

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Carlsbad Flower Fields of a Sunday Morn #fb

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prettys. My fav shot of the day. 


Mumz N Mil in the Sweet Pea maze. why yes, i did beat them out! 


Ladies who Flower. 

if we were SMRT we’da called today our Mother’s Day outing. ohwell they’re both fun enuf that i don’t mind doing it all again next month. 

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Thankful in Pictures

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getting to distracted to finish. back later