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California English #fb

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Circa 1989 or 88 Durbin SA 
they say people look like their pets… this was not my pet. coulda been tho, eh?


If you think anything about this photo is dated you’d be wrong. i’m still all goofy smiles. i still wear jeans & tees 97% of my days. and while i do appreciate the beauty of 
women i will ALWAYS and FOREVER prefer the company of men. =)
if only i could rmbr the name of the boy on my right. he was the first boy to ever take me walking-on-the-beach-at-night-then-making-out-in-the-sand-boy. 

garsh those really were the days. 

and Haiti. it’s really truly horrible. please if you feel compelled to give money find some other avenue instead of The Red Cross. the Red Cross wasn’t so helpful to it’s Katrina clients. and thats all i’ll say about that. 

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