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309 stages:

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Staged House Feb 29 2009 As she looked on our very 1st walk thru. wasn’t horrible but definitely stuffy, eh?

Staged House 1st Viewing Feb 29 2009
If this yr fav decor, it’s okay, i forgive you. but trashed it! do you forgive me?


More or Less how we’ve left it Aug 24 2009

 this room never got decorated. and honestly never lived in. it was definitely walked thru –> to get to the outside view. 

and thats yr one and only spoiler… =)

Personally I think a ‘London Fog’ coloured fireplace is fairly ballsy & fun not to mention painting over the puke hospital green walls
Aug 24 2009 


We built stuff today 2:10p Sept 22 2010 


To be FUN we put in a door. it’s merely a temp wall to protect the rest of the casa. 4:15p Sept 22 2010

wish i could tell you what’s in the plans but i think a BIG UNVEIL will be much more fun. don’t you? 

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And why did I think

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New doors and windows were a good idea? Everywhere I turn there’s holes in my house! (forgive bad horizons iPhone shot on-the-go)

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Some 3 Things:

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3 things that happened yesterday. (Sept 16 2010)

the upstair office lost it’s walls and windows. then it got reframed with rough openings for 5 new casement windows. currently it’s all boarded up. Mr CM and I 
were joking abt how i’ll soon be living in a fort! a really big fort with wifi & booze! cool hunh? am so very very happy the jackhammers are gone and the chisels on the air guns are silent. today was lots of nail gunning. (I’m not lying I’m just stunning with my love glue gunning) 


Wash got relaxed and stretched out. kittehs are keyute! Wash was born Aug 6 2010 making him (or her) 6 weeks old today!
Mumz local street cat had her litter on mumz back patio. so she became a Gma once more. i dispersed 3 of the 5 kittens. Mr CM took a most playful one, Brother Wheat took a shy one, seems we have a sleepy one. most i’ve seen Wash awake has been abt 25min then he konks out. i just might be falling in love with an animal. mostly i’m kind and even spoil animals but not emotionally attached to them. we’ll see if that changes. 


the Ogre and I went out for dinner and i got him to pull over so i could get this shot. pretty sunsets have been fairly rare since June. maybe even since April. June gloom rolled in May. and it’s still here. the remodel crew LOVES it. makes working outside all day rather pleasant. makes me rather whiney. i’d rather have bright blue skies filled with warm air. notice i said warm not BLAZING HAWT. i do like that but not for daily living. 

now i’ve got a date with Mr Ambien. sleep has been in short supply for nigh on 4 weeks. i consider it a GREAT LUXURY when i can take a pill. most days i’ve got things scheduled starting at 0800. so can’t take any sleep aids due to the hangover. but tmrw morning there’s a BLISSFUL nothing on my calendar. Sunday dawns bright for a day spent with Mumz & MiL at Taste Of Newport! 
care to join us? 


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Demo Day 4

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0800 August 26th 2010


1015 August 26th 2010


1425 August 26th 2010

and i forgot to get one at the end of the day. we didn’t stop till near 1800. Mr CM and I were out in the 
back trench, him in the excavator, me with a pick axe or shovel hopping in and out of the ditch as needed to investigate.
mainly to decipher ‘is that a root?’ or ‘is that an abandoned gas line?’ or “OMG THATS LIVE ELECTRICITY!” better go easy.
when that happened we skipped over it to leave for the guys to hand dig. 

think today i’ll really go buy some boots. been saying it for over a year. in fact i did once. but i sent them back. they were hawt pink too…

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309 Demo Day 2

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there’s a second jackhammer around the right corner. 
Let the record show that I survived. Just barely. 
3 more days… Right Mr CM?

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yellow. how do i hate thee?

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see that yellow thing laying in the back of picture? to the left of the EXCAVATOR? 
that yellow thing has a TWIN. 
BOTH THOSE DAMN THINGS were in use for nigh on 6hrs. 
i couldn’t find enuf things to do to stay gone long enuf. i shall attempt to do better tmrw. and the day after. and the day after that.
anyone need a daytime house sitter? i may do your laundry… 

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1st Demo Day!!

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1.) there a lot of standing around looking at machines.

2.) then some one goes off to fetch a doohicky from the truck.

3.) now we’re making A METRIC TON of noise. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!

4.) Um, Maybe it’s not sapposed to be all billows of smoke so early in the morning?

5.) then THIS YAHOO picks up this whatchamacallit and makes even MOAR NOYSE.

6.) Fast shutter speed makes it look like he’s not even moving. but trust me. he’s a shimmying and shaking!
from now till Turkey day this’ll be my life. and honestly i kinda love it. remind of that when it’s 3 days in and i can’t think straight and my neighbours are prepping a motion to SUE. punitive damages. noise abatement. whatever. Mr CM has gone off to fetch the EXCAVATOR and i’m left with a laundry list of things to move.
P.S. i wanna ride in the EXCAVATOR…

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Casa Rumz Jobsite

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As the Lounge looked upon first Viewing. we made an offer upon second viewing  in March 2009


11/18/09 Ev moved out. So i took down her interior wall and opened up the space. note the icky tile floor. 


Egg’s room. as it looked when we installed the steel wrap around beam over this wood beam. 


(11/28/2010) Egg’s room as it looks currently. turns out his room is not sound proof. i know, right? why didn’t they build rooms to house noisy gamer rock music
playing teenagers. So because i can, i’ve ripped up his room. will rewire, insulate and hang VERY EXPENSIVE sound board sheet rock. 
also he will get new floor, as will the lounge and my office (Ev’s Ex-room)


Note: missing icky tile!! this is the view from Eggs door frame into the office & lounge. and River, my fat Bengal baby. 
she’s up for rehoming btw. tho she comes w/a gf. 


looking from pool deck into Lounge. can’t wait to see the new floor!!! i hope it’s as perfect as i’m expecting. 

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El Prez Project Day 1 #fb

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Kitchen As Is. how it appeared upon purchase. ohhh shiny black floors. too slick for safety. 
Hello Floor, now say Goodbye. 


Day 1 demo -AM 
the guys started w/out me. obvsly i forgot how to use a flash. 


Day 1 demo -PM               WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO
soffet gone. cabs gone. floor gone! 


Already!! it took a week or more to get the 
Ol’Ore to just stripped down-ness. it’s nice how fast a small project goes. tmrw pick out floors. i already designed/laid out and purchased the new cabinets and appliances. if i can keep myself under a budget
and schedule i have BIG hopes a March 1 2010 move-in is possible. better be…. the 1st mortgage pymt is due. =)
as i was leaving the crew was starting to tear out the carpet. 


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8 days in

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Towner Day 1 -sad to not be able to save the tile work. but i’m revamping this loo completely


Towner Day 2 -BuhBye grotesque 68 year old rotten floor. 


Towner Day 8 – waiting to contact the Historical Society before we pull out the original tub. 

8 days in and the whole house looks like this. right up to the roof rafters. kinda cool. 
next up the electrician comes in and does a complete rewire. the plumber too will be there. only his job is particularly taxing. replacing ALL EVERY SINGLE cast iron pipe. even the ones that lead out to street side sewer. yup that involves trenching. in 2 places. one of those trenches will be shared with the new electrical/cable. buried lines FTW!

sorry about the delay. had some site issues and the holidaze was upon me. 

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