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More Thieving!

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bringing home the goods

bringing home the goods

there’s a story here. it’s small. they met me for dinner in ________ and then they were done before me and wanted to leave. i firmly said No. they texted pleading messages. No. they made sad puppy wind-blown faces. NO. they offered to come home with a cone. YES LEAVE NOW! don’t fail in yr mission to acquire cone!

they didn’t. this greeted me (sans girls) when i opened the garage and did i just ever bust out laughing. it’s perfect. how did they know i needed something tall so i can mark my Stop-Do-No-Go-Further-Spot in the garage? never mind that my sirius radio has been my stopping point. what good is just an audio clue i’ve gone far enuf (the radio loses signal when i reach the sweet spot in garage) when i can ALSO have a visual clue??

The leetle thiefs

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the outer have only been in state for 1.5 hour and this be the SECOND cone of the day.

thankfully there were no more for that day. srsly tho if stealing traffic cones is the highlight of their teen years then all told i think thats pretty damn awesomtastic when considering what they could be doing.