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What in the world??

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This temp deck?!? It’s so the crane can have a platform to set the

appliances and concrete counter tops on. YES!! we have officially

reached the downward side of the Are We Done Yet Mountain. And I’m

gonna miss it. Have to take the egg in for a root canal… Poor bebe.


photo 2.jpg

photo 3.jpg

Meet my Black Mexican

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we updated the electricity panel to the house. it went something like this.

there used to be 4 fancy palms and some pretty rocks and quite wide. Everything had to be removed and/or dug up to allow us access to the buried cables that serve the casa. the electric panel on the side of the house was original to the house.

it wouldn’t have had enuf watts or amps (whichever word) to service us once all the kitchen and lighting and electrical upgrades have been completed. there would have been conversations something like “honey, i’m running the washing machine and the TV is on so you can’t microwave any hot pockets right now”

so we bit the bullet. powered down the house (we went to VA). Mr CM got a crew tghtr and they tore shit up!! i was sad to miss it. turns out i like DEMO. very much enjoy the DEMO!

so instead of keeping such a wide area i had them narrow the gap. we need more concrete for parking then i like to have green things that need water and care and s.t.u.f.f.  Today, Mr CM, Egg and I did this! well they did the lions share.

i mostly stomped on the rocks to set them. i also carried the bags to the trash and keep at Egg to keep working! it didn’t really take that long. maybe 30 minutes…
to me it looks much better. i used the same rocks my neighbor has so there a visual continuity that didn’t exist before. some of the rocks (Black Mexican Pebbles) still had seaweed attached to them not to mention sand in the bags! kinda crazy cool imo.

the things cute boys do:

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don’t know thats its so much coming out of the closet anymore. =)
as it is climbing around in crawl spaces meant for kittehs!!

PS. y’ll notice he’s working on installing the new pine ceiling!! the white beams will not stay white they will be boxed in with the pine planks. this room is nearly finished plus the office too, in only 3 days. since this is the first room and they’ll figuring out their groove they expect to get much faster with each subsequent room/area they do. theres hope it could be totally done by mid-july!! if not then they’ll just stop where ever and take a 2-4 weeks break for the party. YAY PARTY!!!


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typical hijinks here at the casa. Egg, Mr Contractor Man & Cory The-Plumber-Who-Says-He-Will-Do-Something-Tmrw-But-Really-Means-16-Days-Later.
he’s cute tho so i’ll keep him around. however much that shite annoys me.
Truth be told the Egg has been actually doing some gopher type labour around the house. i’m quite proud. i didn’t even have to ask him today… may MrCM did tho.

wet concrete lubbers

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i have the BESTEST BFF IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! look what she made for us while we’re away and unable to dabble around in wet concrete.

THANKS MUCH MZ L. it’s most awesomtastic

newborn board

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the tile floor we took out. she was mean and moody and down right Cold!

the sub floor we hoped we could save but couldn’t. turns out he had a DNR order signed. so we donated him to the trash dump

then we put down some insulation and proceeded with a fresh sub floor.

isn’t she so pink and fresh! she’s got all her wires and outlets primed.

TaDa!! she’s growing up so fast.



I go away and he wrecks the place!

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we’re upgrading the electric panel. it’s 45 years old or so and will not be able to handle all the new kitchen appliances, pool heater and filter, eleveenteen computers and 6 high def flat screens or the fanchyschamcy new washer dryer. basically the house will draw more electricity then the doohicky can send. besides that model has been a known fire hazard! so Mr Contractor Man is tearing shit up!! and i’m so said to miss it…

the upside to this is we’re gaining about a foot or so more of concrete pad to park cars. why do we need more driveway parking? cos the previous owner crazy lady thought it would be an excellent idea to make ALL the street parking ‘in front’ of the house a red curb. yarly. i still dont’ see the logic of that and i certainly have NO IDEA how to un-do her horrid stupid awful handiwork. sooooo that means we need more room to park cars in.the.driveway.

(altho if i could get that undone i bet i’d be the bestest most fav neighbour EVAR!!)

Hello Floor! make me a sandwich.

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the kitchen floor. it was acclimating in it’s boxes. now it’s exposed and acclimating in the dining room.

Mr Contractor Man says he’s gonna lay the floor down this week. i think that means when i return on the 8th i may have some or part of a kitchen floor! and WHY am i so excited by that?? it’s just a damn floor. WELL it means that the appliances can go in!!!!!! and once they’re in it’s just a short amt of time before the kitchen will be USABLE!!
can you beleeb it?

the Fridge bay (as i call it)

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the above is what once was

to what came

getting to where we’re going!!!
isn’t it PRETTY? i’m getting very excited.

i’ll be leaving tmrw for VA. i’ll be gone for 6 working days i think i may come home to something more! different. getting completed. at least i hope.

thx Ogre for making my dream house come true! i lub you endless.

More Thieving!

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bringing home the goods

bringing home the goods

there’s a story here. it’s small. they met me for dinner in ________ and then they were done before me and wanted to leave. i firmly said No. they texted pleading messages. No. they made sad puppy wind-blown faces. NO. they offered to come home with a cone. YES LEAVE NOW! don’t fail in yr mission to acquire cone!

they didn’t. this greeted me (sans girls) when i opened the garage and did i just ever bust out laughing. it’s perfect. how did they know i needed something tall so i can mark my Stop-Do-No-Go-Further-Spot in the garage? never mind that my sirius radio has been my stopping point. what good is just an audio clue i’ve gone far enuf (the radio loses signal when i reach the sweet spot in garage) when i can ALSO have a visual clue??