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309 stages:

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Staged House Feb 29 2009 As she looked on our very 1st walk thru. wasn’t horrible but definitely stuffy, eh?

Staged House 1st Viewing Feb 29 2009
If this yr fav decor, it’s okay, i forgive you. but trashed it! do you forgive me?


More or Less how we’ve left it Aug 24 2009

 this room never got decorated. and honestly never lived in. it was definitely walked thru –> to get to the outside view. 

and thats yr one and only spoiler… =)

Personally I think a ‘London Fog’ coloured fireplace is fairly ballsy & fun not to mention painting over the puke hospital green walls
Aug 24 2009 


We built stuff today 2:10p Sept 22 2010 


To be FUN we put in a door. it’s merely a temp wall to protect the rest of the casa. 4:15p Sept 22 2010

wish i could tell you what’s in the plans but i think a BIG UNVEIL will be much more fun. don’t you? 

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The difference a day makes

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Last night I cleared the shelves and took them down.
Today Mr CM & Crew came over and took out a wall! The past week has been spent inside the room. Demoed the interiors. Removed replaced upgraded electric, cat6, phone, cable, Ethernet. We installed a heat sensitive fan in the closet w exhaust to exterior of house. Insulated EVERYWHERE. Used special sound proofing drywall on the shared wall w my gamer/dj son. Regular drywall elsewhere. THEN we tore the wall down. All last week it served as a barrier to drywall dust and noise. Next up is a steel beam across the joist. More pictures when that happens…

Mr CM-in-a-Box #fb

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photo 2.jpg


Can Haz Perfect Pantry Plz?

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March 6 2009

April 10 2009

July 11 2009

August 23 2009

August 23 2009

Casa Beauty! Or I Made It Myself! (w/whole lotta help)

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<–After (more or less)

a few quick facts. the square footage of the kitchen is exactly the same. the major appliances are also in exactly the same spots. the space the coffee maker (in the last shot) occupies was the entry to the kitchen (seen in the 3rd shot). Now the entry to the kitchen is WIDE OPEN SPACE since the desk area (in the 3rd shot) has been deleted!

here i must-stop-talking cos the changes are too numerous to list right now. i will. i promise. but for now i just leave you with the evidence of my handiwork. i do, i do, i claim this as mine. i give all the credit to others for making my vision come true. y’ll see the credit ( my gushings) in a future post…

Can’t wait for darkness!!!

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photo 2.jpg

photo 3.jpg

Our First Meal!!

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in brand spanking new (she’s scored a 9.8 on her apgar scale) kitchen!! Ev cooked for us. a vegetarian pasta bake. like 4 kinds of cheeses!! nom nom.

as of last Saturday when these were taken there was still quite a bit of undone odd and ends. Directly behind Ev the pantry door is missing. the dedicated ice machine had a little something to do with that. hinges? who needs ’em! looking up y’ll see the sky light still doesn’t have electricity to make it operable. just below that the upper cabinet is missing it’s doors, they were off getting some glass in them. the lower cabinet for the microwave. other then that the mess is all cooking and unpacking boxes. i’m oft heard “wtf do i do with all this space and HOW IN THE UNIVERSE am i going to know where i put anything?!?!”

Mz newly 19 yr old Ev has evidently had quite enuf of fotoging.

a Saturday spent mostly by the pool with friends and family and Ms ‘Rita followed by home cooking in new kitchen makes the Best Caturday Evar!! sorry about the No Flash shot, the battery was having a slow death in which it refused to charge the flash in which to conserve itself. punkass battery.

thx for making our first dinner Ev, we’ll all rmbr it for long years!! you rock.


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From the dedicated ice machine!!


The unvieling occurs!

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Hello Fridge! Make me a taco!!


at this shot it’s still in my dining room. but 15 minutes later it lived in its perm home!!

Cookies! maybe i makes them?

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2 major things happened today. the damn 1000lb fridge is IN the house Vs IN the garage. this required a crane. so while the crane was here the concrete guy brought over some of the bigger pieces of counter. in the above shot you can see 2 chunks of counter plus the fridge. in the lower right corner you can see the corner of the island, covered with rags… ya i can’t keep anything tidy anymore!!

the below shot is all i could find of the same kinda view. i’m pretty sure i was in the corner, where i also am in the above shot, but as you can tell the latter used up more floor space.

we’ve come so far i’d forgotten that there was even an end. now we’ve reached the point where the finish is so close i can smell the oatmeal cookies!