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Oh Aubrieta how do I love thee?

March 29, 2011 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

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You now have vessel sinks with stunning granite


Did I mention how I want to lick these countertops? Run my fingers along those veins. SHE SO BEAUTIFUL.


your light fixtures are now softly modern


Your stairs now have a short flirty skirt to compliment your as yet to arrive carpeting


You fires are now tempered with natural stone. You even have fossils to please the eye of the beholder.


How do I love thee? So much I’m about to set you free. Will you come to our open house and make an offer?

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In the closet

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After weeks of pleading, Mr CM finally relented and let me unpack my most FAVOURITE closet ever! This also means we must be near to finish on inside projects. It’s not yr typical office ex-bedroom closet is it? Maybe in my glut of old age both ledgers will be filled w beautiful lenses?
Ahhh I dream of it


The other side is our dedicated server slash mess o’wires area.

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