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Before & After at Del Prez

March 24, 2010 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

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Kitchen Past

Kitchen Present
47 days elapsed between photos.  Mr CM, you take my visions and give them substance.
and Ogre… well you my dear you give life to my visions and even to my merest whims.
now it’s really off to pack for Cuba. really really.

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Place Of Crap Putting

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Garage Entry/Pantry on Right – This is the only photo i seem to have that shows the Wall Of Door (on the extreme left of photo)
pretty awful set up imo. you come in thru this door 98% of the time yr arms have mail, hoodies, groceries etc and WHERE are you to put ALL the CRAP?

Day 1 demo -PM To make a Place Of Crap Putting i had to demo the Wall Of Door. so we did.

I have now achieved Place Of Crap Putting!! the open cabinets will remain so, they’re for cook books, tchotckies and the like.
2 junk drawers and the lower cabinets have pull out shelves for pantry staples & misc pots n pans. at least IF i were to live here that’s how i’d arrange it.
all i really know is i have succeeded with a place for things in yr arms when one comes inside. phew. srsly you must never underestimate the power of
Place Of Crap Putting.

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Prez gets floors

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Master Bedroom




theres a WHOLE kitchen in here. 


kid room



gone is the carpet! in goes the laminate. ya. ya. real wood floors are just too damn costly when yr doing every single surface.  can’t wait to get over there with fluffy socks and go sliding around. 

also giving the condo a new power box. and changing the wires where we can. adding more outlets on some walls. 
a simple reno so far… 
i daresay i likely just jinxed myself!

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Rain Boots #fb

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Prez job site flooded.


IF you had told me when i bought these that in the future i’d be wearing them every single day for 5 days now i’da have said, 
“where do you think i’ll be living?? Portland?”  and sneered at you. IF i had known i’da bought some boots with more insulation and support. 
puddle jumping makes for ice cold tootsies after. AS it is i only bought these in NYC for a trip in NYC where it rained
NEVER thought i’d get more then two or three uses outta them. 


parking lot waves. over the drainage grate. it was 7 inches of water, in case yr wondering. 

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El Prez Project Day 1 #fb

January 19, 2010 in Uncategorized | Comments (1)

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Kitchen As Is. how it appeared upon purchase. ohhh shiny black floors. too slick for safety. 
Hello Floor, now say Goodbye. 


Day 1 demo -AM 
the guys started w/out me. obvsly i forgot how to use a flash. 


Day 1 demo -PM               WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO
soffet gone. cabs gone. floor gone! 


Already!! it took a week or more to get the 
Ol’Ore to just stripped down-ness. it’s nice how fast a small project goes. tmrw pick out floors. i already designed/laid out and purchased the new cabinets and appliances. if i can keep myself under a budget
and schedule i have BIG hopes a March 1 2010 move-in is possible. better be…. the 1st mortgage pymt is due. =)
as i was leaving the crew was starting to tear out the carpet. 


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