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From Sink to Bathtub/Shower

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Towner Day 1   in a way it’s shame to have lost such charm. there was just not enuf money in the budget to repairs what humans had left to rot away. 
restoration is not my gig. i wish it could be… one day… but for now i’m content to TEAR SHITE UP! 


Towner Day 62   the tub now lies in the former sink area. behind the wall with the water works on it is the now repositioned terlit. 
here the walls are prepped w concrete, left to semi dry overnight.


Towner Day 63

 TADAHHHHHHHHHHH purty tile!!! 

it’s called Golden Gate in Quartzite. 

yes it’s an upgrade from what the budget called for but LORDISA HAVE MERCY is it ever LOVELY. 
i’m positive it will be most complimented on. 
Towner Day 63 
forgive the no flash, that was a calculated effort. i wanted to get it in natural light. 

so can not wait to see it it all it’s finished glory!  

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A Public Dialogue

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Move Over

Mr Contractor Man

You Have

Been Replaced!!

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Got Rock?

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Pretend theres a photo of the same shot w/insulation inserted here.

it’s beginning to L00K like a house again!!
(both shots from 1st bedroom wall looking into hallway and 2nd bedroom)

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tous pour un, un pour tous

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well, progress is slow but steady on all 3 jobsites. i failed y’day and took no pictures. my day was a bit stressful. Team Meetings. who knew.
so i leave you with a picture of part of my trusty crew (team if you will) for the past 11 months. ┬áthere’s 4 bodies missing too. Izzy & Armando deserve their own damn post.
the newest 2, they’ve just been with us for one week so i don’t have much to say other then they show up, work, clean up (but not to my or Mr CM’s exacting code, they’ll learn),
they know what they’re doing. i think the newest might work out.
but i’ll tell ya true, i love my job.

Mr CM, Mr Plumber, Uncle J & Crab Grass (from left to right)

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the Oft Unphotographed 1st Bedroom

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11/17/09 WALLS


12/4/09 DRYROT! 


11/22/10 PINKSTUFF!


01/29/10 ROCK! okay. DRYWALL!


the Old Whore… she’s getting put back tghtr. i wonder if we’re nearign the time i should start taking rental apps?

I’m looking at you Diz Kidz!!  or random readers? anyone? Bueller?

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Not much going on

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to photograph at any jobsite. the rain makes for slow work. 
the guys have finished the interior of the Ol’Ore wrt insulation. today they were under the house
hanging insulation. i’ll be damned if I’M going anywhere near UNDER that house! 
the Prez project has been locked up since tues or wed of last week. 
my  casa project has been stalled, tho S did tear up his floor w help from me and the Ogre.
tmrw is set to be LOUD DEMO over here. getting rid of the white. 
will be fotoing that, as usual. 
 other then that all status quo around these parts. how about yours?

looking into the kitchen from the far dining room corner. 


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“Show some progress dammit!” #fb

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Okay! i’ll show you. but i’m fairly positive only 3 ppl care. 
Here’s some photos,but i’m sure, if the Ol’Ore could talk, she would make me take them down. they certainly don’t show her best side. 

11/18/09 -Sink


11/30/09 -No Sink


12/02/09 -No sink. No floor. No wall. she’s soooooo exposed. i feel bad for her. 


01/22/10 -Hi Almost sink, Almost floor. Almost walls. 

The sink is still in it’s original location. right down to her pipes, but those, the pipes, are new. as is damn near everything about this old whore. 


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Day 17 Utility Room

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11/18/09 Day 1 Original Set up. notice how you can barely see the back door? to get outside y’d have to dogleg from the interior door to the right to get outside. my idea is just to have a straight thoroughfare and create a bigger bathroom (not pictured) and a larger master bedroom closet. in this foto the closet is the other side of orange wall with the yellow bit of wall ending the closet. 


11/23/09 Day 5 See the guy in the closet? the very small master bedroom closet? still that damn dogleg is there. 


12/2/09 Day 11 Mr CM (in the black shirt) is cutting away things to make room for the expanded master closet. it’ll pretty much expand to the main floor joist. 
the electrician and his helper are in the mud room pulling out the old electrical. the wall between them will come down. and go back up! but the interior door will have moved over. to the right.
about dead center to the squatting guy! 


12/4/09 Day 13 no wall. no door. no bathroom (which you never saw, eh?) the rectangular box on the right will fit into the rectangular box in the house to the left. 
the back door remains unchanged in all aspects. location.size. 


12/10/09 Day 17 phew! all framed in. i put the broom in there to give some perspective. typically there’s ppl walking in and out of my shots so i’ve come to rely on them to give perspective but today they were working in the other bathroom, putting another wall up.  so now you can see then when you enter the back door y’ll walk straight into the kitchen. no more doglegging it. y’ll also see the bathroom wall is pushed out to nearly flush with the 2 doors. the area in between the two doors (to the right) will house a utility closet, washer and dryer. so no more schlepping to the garage with laundry. 
this bathroom was just a half bath before. now we’ve created enuf space to make it a full bathroom however little it may be. 

phew. only one more day of fotoing my project… then i’m OUTTA HERE! off to Honeymoon with The Ogre!! 

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Day 15 in brief

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Nov 17 2009 -Living Room


Nov 24 2009 -Living Room 


Nov 30 2009 -Living Room


Dec 8 2009 -Living Room 

just a quick pictorial of the Living Room from beginning to today. i’m too busy to think. mainly i need to pack! instead i’m vidding with my urchin and trying to blogish something. meanwhile my bed is FULL of clothes in a state of disarray.  and i’m sure the ogre is laying on the smallest corner so as not to squish my pretty dresses! 

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Day 13 w/song

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There’s a hole in the wall, dear Liza, dear Liza, there’s a hole in the wall, dear Liza, there’s a hole.


With what should i fix it, dear Liza, dear Liza, with what shall i fix it, dear Liza, with what?


With a new electrical panel dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry, with a new electrical panel, dear Henry, dear Henry, with a new electrical panel. 


unlike the folk ditty, Liza and Henry no longer have a hole in the wall. 

now they have the ability to run many many modern electronic appliances and gadgets!!  well, not exactly thru that shiny box, not yet. for now it’s still coming into the house thru the milk door via a temp power source.  but the song was fun. no? 

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