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Bank (schedule around ogre’s work meetings) (get ogre’s schedule…) ended up going to local branch

Go To:
Cleaners: take all fancy clothes! and Easter’s purse.
Costco: H2O, chocolate sauce, etcetc
post office: priority mail luggage tags for WDW for easter & egg to easter
Ralphs: damn groceries. =)
BofA: why are they charging me fees? fixed & reversed fees!! THX Paul.

SHOWER AND BE READY TO GO AND DONE WITH CALLS BY 10am. not even close, they came while i still in my jammies.

ya right.

grateful these are my chores. none of them are terrible none of them are painful, except the going to the dentist stuff. but by 2010 i want a painfree mouth. i have it now…but.

it’s strange the fog is up against the windows so i can’t see a thing but i can still hear all the construction noise. just strange not being able to match sight to sound.

damn i forgot to feed JT this AM. poor dear maybe i’ll get her some rosies while i’m out and about. forgot about doing this

okay really the cleaners are coming… i need to get out of here so they can do their job beautifully.

universe i am yr child, i’m grateful to be so. wouldn’t it be cool if all the home buying doors just opened up? ya i think so to =)


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