Jinkies! the jetlag

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jet lag is kicking my butt from here to Cairo and back. i’m none to pleased with this. Also kicking out the last dregs of “Cairo Cold” is messing with my stamina
can’t believe my sleep is SO whacked. does jetlag get worse as one ages???
Today i got to see Mr CM and play catch up with him wrt the house and i wish i had the energy to do a massive post, just to show how much of a KICKASS team he, the ogre and i are. the ogre being a super silent seekrit partner. =) 85% of the interior work is done. the next weeks will be strictly deck build/prep and preparing the house for new stucco. i’m still hooked on my wont of a white house with shades of grey as accents and trim. but finally i’m willing to be swayed… likely had something to do with seeing all the shades of gold, yellow, rust and dust of Egypt. they are beautiful. and inspiring. such a soft colour to work with as a base and then add to. Asked Mr CM what decisions i have to think about and make this week, he replied “none, well theres maybe another wall to take down, its not required but it sure would make my job easier now and your job of pulling it all tghtr with design easier later”
DUDE KNOWS when it comes to DEMO and starting with a BLANK slate i’m ALL OVER THAT!! so i agreed. but what i cant’ believe nigh on two years working tghtr he can’t see that when that brick comes down i’ll be all “well what about that brick, over there? it doesn’t match now so can it go and we build another with my chosen material?” he says i’m the Queen Of Change Orders but not really. it’s him initiating some change that dominoes down the line to another change that he can then blame me for! key word/idea here – who initiates the change? is he who is Queen Of Change Orders.
thats my late night jet lagged opinion and i’m sticking to it!
back to Egypt. i’m extraordinarily slowly working on editing. i shot fairly exclusively with my 14-24mm lens. granted at the time i ADORED shooting with it. but i’m having a hard time editing those shots. i’m finding it easier to crop a single shot into two or three shots. yes, thats just how much image that lens can collect. when shooting wide. sometimes i’m able to get close enuf to a subject and get a ‘small’ shot. prolly not making myself clear. in less words: i’m having a hard time editing. that and i’ve only seen one 16gig cards worth of shots. i’ve 3 more to go.
Being away this trip was soul crushingly amazing. partly being dwarfed by such icons of history and partly being knocked sideways by a cold.
i did wish you were there quite often. <3

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