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Staged House Feb 29 2009 As she looked on our very 1st walk thru. wasn’t horrible but definitely stuffy, eh?

Staged House 1st Viewing Feb 29 2009
If this yr fav decor, it’s okay, i forgive you. but trashed it! do you forgive me?


More or Less how we’ve left it Aug 24 2009

 this room never got decorated. and honestly never lived in. it was definitely walked thru –> to get to the outside view. 

and thats yr one and only spoiler… =)

Personally I think a ‘London Fog’ coloured fireplace is fairly ballsy & fun not to mention painting over the puke hospital green walls
Aug 24 2009 


We built stuff today 2:10p Sept 22 2010 


To be FUN we put in a door. it’s merely a temp wall to protect the rest of the casa. 4:15p Sept 22 2010

wish i could tell you what’s in the plans but i think a BIG UNVEIL will be much more fun. don’t you? 

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