1st Demo Day!!

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1.) there a lot of standing around looking at machines.

2.) then some one goes off to fetch a doohicky from the truck.

3.) now we’re making A METRIC TON of noise. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!

4.) Um, Maybe it’s not sapposed to be all billows of smoke so early in the morning?

5.) then THIS YAHOO picks up this whatchamacallit and makes even MOAR NOYSE.

6.) Fast shutter speed makes it look like he’s not even moving. but trust me. he’s a shimmying and shaking!
from now till Turkey day this’ll be my life. and honestly i kinda love it. remind of that when it’s 3 days in and i can’t think straight and my neighbours are prepping a motion to SUE. punitive damages. noise abatement. whatever. Mr CM has gone off to fetch the EXCAVATOR and i’m left with a laundry list of things to move.
P.S. i wanna ride in the EXCAVATOR…

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