Happy Mothers Day Brews.

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such a pretty entrance to the art show in a brewery. nifty place. i would not mind going there of a afternoon for a beer with a view.

Brew pads- the reflections in the shot are cool too.

Koi Ale – i waited and waited for a bit for the koi to swim close to the flower. NTS: a tripod helps the waiting. =)

Happy Mothers Day! my Ogre & truly the best Mother-in-Love i never knew i could have. i hope i’m as sweet to my future kids-in-law, it’s likely, as i’ve got a great role model. thx Jo! love ya lots.

Cousins and friends. can’t wait to see them both again. maybe next time we’ll leave the Ogre at a home base… =)
PS my personal foto growth i’ve been working on is keeping my horizons level w/out a level. i faired well in all the above shots. quite proud i am!
PPS gotta do a Mumz mother’s day next. get to thinking Mumz. Palm Springs Aerial tram…?

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