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Sorry it’s been so quiet around these parts i’ve been knee deep in failures of paint colour and going out of my ever loving mind looking for a missing colander and one blue memory foam slipper. really, who loses such random things?
The Ol’Ore is round about days from being finished so it’s sucking all my available brain space.
the bff has moved to within ONE MILE of me and thats just a HUGE FRICKING TIME SUCK of which i’ve yet to complain. well okay… really complain. maybe just a little i’ve complained, today only. it was nearing 10 hours of time i’ve been away from home and no matter how much i love her or her feeding me home cooked dinner i do MORE THEN ANYTHING in the world want to take my bra off! 10 hours is all i’ve been gone from home not at all how many hours i’ve been dressed… try 11.45hrs. and my friends thats just too long to be dressed anymore. not to mention just cos i’m home doesn’t mean i’m thru working. one of the horrors of having a home office is WORK IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE to me. and i’m not so good at the delegating things to tmrw or 3 days form now or even next week. if it’s on my desk it must be dealt with, nearly immediately.
and then theres the 1000s of fotos from Cuba that need displaying, sorting & photoshopping.
PS i think i’m looking a PS editor… hourly pay. but i’ll be sitting over yr shoulder saying “do that thing there again with that tool you used that one time a week ago”
or else i could go take another freaking PS class. i do really think my brain isn’t wired to receive linear teaching for creative concepts.
if you were missing your chonies, i found ’em. on a street, three stories up, in Cuba. somehow i doubt you’ll want them returned?

and this building. wow. it was the only ruined building that had some sort of color. the majority of Havana is shades of grey or mold.
pretty in its own right, but this rust colored building made me stop dead in the street and fire off a few rounds.
i found myself moaning for a step ladder or places to get an elevation change much of the time for different perspective on shots.
oh the problems of a 1st world fotog…

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