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ohh Google Voice you never let me down. when i’ve given up on a 2 hour project and i feel defeated the stupid OBJECTS in my life are WINNING over my not inconsiderable willpower, Google Voice you come to my rescue and leave me in giggles.

“Okay, so I have a right to pick up time, but I am in fact point callback kid because he definitely dated Cole, even though he wasn’t supposed to it all worked out and it’s it’s not gonna be fine. I’m should be going to get him right now, but I wanted to let you know it’s a lead. Okay love you bye.’

HE DEFINITELY DATED COLE (bwahahahahahahahahaha. lordisa i’m in tears again.)¬† AND IT’S NOT GONNA BE FINE!!!!

okay so i left some out in the middle. it’s my blog and i can do what makes me laugh, not whats correct. damnarnit.

what was actually said was:

“Okay, so i have a ride to pick up ****** but i am in fact going to kill that kid because¬† he definitely stayed at school even thought he wasn’t supposed to.¬† Um, it’ll all work out and it’s all gonna be fine. Mom should be going to get him right now. but i wanted to let you know cos i said i would. okay love you bye.”

oh man it just gets funnier and funnier.

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