She’s Got Cabinets! #fb

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11/17/2009 Oh the poor poor dear, as she looked the day i acquired her. she has so many colours, so long neglected. that fridge was a biohazard.
had to call a special disposal crew for it. truly gross. Plz Note the round end-of-cabinet- open shelves.

11/18/2009 I think once upon a time this kitchen was rather sweet. Blue walls, friendly yellow beehive tiles. ┬áthen something happened right around the 80’s
and thru the 90’s she fought a good fight. but finally in early 2000’s she just gave up. this once cheery kitchen just heaved a deep hibernating
breath and just let go. (watch the orange wall)

11/02/2009 In order to resuscitate that once was dead y’ve got to dig down to her bare bones and see if she wants to be revived. Turns out she
was ready for a slow long careful wakening. (studs left only of orange wall)

01/22/2010 for her revival into the second decade of the two thousands, i believe, given the age of her bones, she would
like some internal warming. also with the warmth came new vessels to carry water, sewer & electrical impulses too.
(the wall, did it ever exist?)

03/11/2010 Sorry, for the flip in perspective, but i thought it’d be nice to show just how nice this room is without orange wall.
She’s been weaned off the life support and taking practice breaths on her own now. i believe she’ll wake up raring and ready to take on
this new life. Plz Note the open shelves at the end of cabinets. they are also duplicated at the far end of the kitchen just under the second window.
you see what i did there? with the little open shelves?
most ppl see only the big huge changes and fail to notice the little things. the little nods to her past that i brought into this renovation.
there’s just a few… but if you look closely y’ll see them.

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