Place Of Crap Putting

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Garage Entry/Pantry on Right – This is the only photo i seem to have that shows the Wall Of Door (on the extreme left of photo)
pretty awful set up imo. you come in thru this door 98% of the time yr arms have mail, hoodies, groceries etc and WHERE are you to put ALL the CRAP?

Day 1 demo -PM To make a Place Of Crap Putting i had to demo the Wall Of Door. so we did.

I have now achieved Place Of Crap Putting!! the open cabinets will remain so, they’re for cook books, tchotckies and the like.
2 junk drawers and the lower cabinets have pull out shelves for pantry staples & misc pots n pans. at least IF i were to live here that’s how i’d arrange it.
all i really know is i have succeeded with a place for things in yr arms when one comes inside. phew. srsly you must never underestimate the power of
Place Of Crap Putting.

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