yes, it was a beautiful sunrise wasn’t it? #fb

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just when you think he’s nearly grown up. he’s spent months pushing you away. months that yr his worst enemy on the face of the earth.he text messages you at 4:10am. “mommeh I r sickkkk stay home with me tomarrow?” you text him back, “close the windows and put on yr air thingy. i’ll brt”   so when you walk thru the door bearing great wonderful medicine of the nyquil kind not only are you welcomed wanted and ushered into bed with him you realize he’s actually obeyed! he Did close the windows. he Did turn on the air thingy. he also put on a super silly if not awful movie starring a boyfriend of mine, (if only in my head) Bradley Cooper. this child who nearly has me convinced he-hates-me-to-my-face needed me (still) in the darkest just before dawn.

but i look around and realize he’s not sick at all, not really. just overly caffeinated from drinking a 6 pack of bottled coke in one night.

see if i EVER teach another kid how to open the damn fridge.

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