Casa Rumz Does Stairs

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Hi Ev!
i suppose this is a lesson in OMG WTF is all over those walls? if you get to close they scratch you. and the chandelier, it may be the only
photo i have of it. really it hung 15 down on a chain link. and just out of view, just ontop of those candles is a huge 10ft x 10ft window. so the chain hangs thru the window.. so gross.
the wrought iron art. it’s not so bad. too bad it didn’t’ come with the house like the
textured 6 shades of yellow walls & on a chain candle style chandelier.

better shot of the texture. bleck.

and Voila!  smooth walls!!! i didn’t really paint white walls its just the flash and pretend Ev is on the stairs. note the missing chandelier!
it’s cos i got one that hangs IN THE WINDOW (where it’s sapposed to be).

chandelier reflection in Azeroth and the window. again note the smooth walls!!

the world, it’s really my only nod to the house that WoW built.
THX Ogre. without you a $35 dollar poster wouldn’t live in a beach house with a multi-million dollar view.
or me. i do so love you and the view.

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  1. Comment by Ogre — February 20, 2010 at 7:03 pm   Reply

    Yeah, sure, but I know it’s not in that order.


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