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Egg’s room as it looked before we purchased Casa Rumz 


the teenager that lived here before had it set up as her office and Ev’s old room (my new office) as her bedroom. lucky girl. 


Spencer’s room as it looked before we installed the metal beam. 




then i decided that his room needed sound proofing and new electrical, new floor and ethernet and cable and a phone line. tho i think we didn’t do a phone..
eh, cant’ rmbr. 

pretend theres a bunch of shots of the insulation and sheet rock and mud and new floor and primer and paint and and and


and this how it looks tonight. kinda bare but i think his room may be the most decorated of them all. so that duvet is an old one, the 
new one i got from Ikea turned out to be NOT A DUVET but i thingy to cut WITH scissors and SEW tghtr to make a kimono but it also 
came with pillowcases (see pillow case in center of bed). WTFIKEA. 
you may notice the paint scheme is the same. it is but it isn’t. yes gray & green but lesser dark grey and more lime green now instead 
of neon. 


also installed a new closet system. his closet doors will arrive in 3 to 4 weeks. they will be the ultra fab doors as in the pantry and other rooms. 
doors worth waiting for i tell ya. check out the new floor. i think this is a well lit shot for showcasing it. 

Big Thx to my crew as always. without them this would be non soundproofed still causing the breakers to flip ice cold room. 

and more then i can express in words Thanks & Gratitude to Ogre. esp today. my sick & pmsy attitude surely wasn’t the funnest thing to be around on a Saturday. 


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