El Prez Project Day 1 #fb

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Kitchen As Is. how it appeared upon purchase. ohhh shiny black floors. too slick for safety. 
Hello Floor, now say Goodbye. 


Day 1 demo -AM 
the guys started w/out me. obvsly i forgot how to use a flash. 


Day 1 demo -PM               WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO
soffet gone. cabs gone. floor gone! 


Already!! it took a week or more to get the 
Ol’Ore to just stripped down-ness. it’s nice how fast a small project goes. tmrw pick out floors. i already designed/laid out and purchased the new cabinets and appliances. if i can keep myself under a budget
and schedule i have BIG hopes a March 1 2010 move-in is possible. better be…. the 1st mortgage pymt is due. =)
as i was leaving the crew was starting to tear out the carpet. 


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  1. Comment by K. — January 19, 2010 at 7:16 pm   Reply

    O.M.G.! Talk about quick work!

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