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Corinto, as seen from our cabin. 




stunning interior of Basilica


rear Basilica, laundry room it seemed to be. 


ferns growing on the exterior walls of Basilica


as seen from across the St. 


where this Basilica is: in english it’s The old Man. in Spanish… i am a blank. kinda felt that way about the whole of Nicaragua. i like it well enuf i suppose but now everything is coloured by the awesomeness of Costa Rica. theres a reason when Madonna, Mel Gibson, Angelina Jolie et al own huge swaths of land. it’s just to die for lovely. so everything else pales by comparison. this is not to say i’m ungrateful to be going where i’m going and been where i’ve been. 
oh maybe i’m just upset i didnt’ get any money shots?

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