Leaving Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica

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Cliff diving -a new level 


more bird and cliff. 


to soar tghtr.  


not dead cruise ship -Wind Star (we looked up where it goes…we like where it goes.)


deadish unknown name leetle cruise ship. tho on starboard side there was a group of snorkelers.

it was fixing to storm at some point the evening we left. we made it out long before that tho. from Costa Rica we headed to Corinto, Nicaragua. it was an uneventful motoring. 
the ogre and i made talk of packing up and heading home from Corinto. i’m homesick and he’s feeling ill-ish. tho i decided i’ve come this far i’m gonna go the distance. he’s free to roam about the countryside at any time tho. 

i still fiercely miss you and you and my casa and my kitty. and my CAR!!! any vehicular travel has been in a bus. oh funny story! the ogre has turned in all his excursions involving bus rides. he’s OVER them. he must miss his car too…

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