Day 17 Utility Room

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11/18/09 Day 1 Original Set up. notice how you can barely see the back door? to get outside y’d have to dogleg from the interior door to the right to get outside. my idea is just to have a straight thoroughfare and create a bigger bathroom (not pictured) and a larger master bedroom closet. in this foto the closet is the other side of orange wall with the yellow bit of wall ending the closet. 


11/23/09 Day 5 See the guy in the closet? the very small master bedroom closet? still that damn dogleg is there. 


12/2/09 Day 11 Mr CM (in the black shirt) is cutting away things to make room for the expanded master closet. it’ll pretty much expand to the main floor joist. 
the electrician and his helper are in the mud room pulling out the old electrical. the wall between them will come down. and go back up! but the interior door will have moved over. to the right.
about dead center to the squatting guy! 


12/4/09 Day 13 no wall. no door. no bathroom (which you never saw, eh?) the rectangular box on the right will fit into the rectangular box in the house to the left. 
the back door remains unchanged in all aspects. location.size. 


12/10/09 Day 17 phew! all framed in. i put the broom in there to give some perspective. typically there’s ppl walking in and out of my shots so i’ve come to rely on them to give perspective but today they were working in the other bathroom, putting another wall up.  so now you can see then when you enter the back door y’ll walk straight into the kitchen. no more doglegging it. y’ll also see the bathroom wall is pushed out to nearly flush with the 2 doors. the area in between the two doors (to the right) will house a utility closet, washer and dryer. so no more schlepping to the garage with laundry. 
this bathroom was just a half bath before. now we’ve created enuf space to make it a full bathroom however little it may be. 

phew. only one more day of fotoing my project… then i’m OUTTA HERE! off to Honeymoon with The Ogre!! 

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