Day 12 plus ticket giveaway

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Barkyard build zone


First new electrical going in- shown: 4 of 6 can lights and 1 fan/light combo in center of living room


To Be Recycled- thar’s copper in them there coils. 


Giant ball of Twine. this ball was saved from dumpster by yours truly. it found use yday. it has a DNT (trash) order.


handy dandy electrical plan


ahhhh. yumz.


i didnt’ get over to the Project until late in the day. then only stayed a few. spent my morning answering emails and phone calls SIMULTANEOUSLY!

one email exchange went like this:
-Liz, answer yr phone have questions. waiting on you to submit loan docs.
-Mary, am OTP, i saw yr call will call asa i’m OTP.
-Liz, ok.
-Mary, here’s the info you req’d via phone: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
-Liz, rec’d & done. 

and i’m thinking why couldnt’ she just EMAIL her questions since my response via email was fine… Sigh. dragging peeps into the digital age is hard work!! =)

 my kitchen table is officially my desk now. am rethinking and wondering why we thought pulling the crew from here (my house) was a good idea… i hate my table being so covered with life! but my office is not even in a state one could work in. ohwell. it’ll be worth waiting for. my office. 

8 more days till i’m outta here and i’m stressing it big time! last minute to go out to Vegas fri night-Sun morn is REALLY REALLY gonna put a kink in my schedule. but a ride across the desert to eat delicious desserts with my bff seems like a good idea too. not sure i’ll get to see a show on Sat night cos a friendofafriend is getting married at some point on Sat. if i can i’d like to get to see Lion King again. that said i’ve got 2 tix for Saturdays matinee of How the Grinch Stole Christmas at Pantages. 

any takers?

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