Day 11

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Inside of 68 yr old cast iron. 


Corner view of exterior of project


interesting relics. 


working the kitchen. 

wow A METRIC TON of work was performed today both in hours and in weight! never did get any shots of the crew under the house pulling all that cast iron up. in the last foto Mr CM is (i suspect) getting the joists ready for the subfloor. i know he went and added a metric tonne of blocking today to reinforce the long spans of nothingness. it also helps to cut down on the squeaking factor once everything is installed and starting to settle. 

i am so proud of my crew.  i know i can’t be the easiest person to work for what with my DO IT NOAW! CAN HAZ ALREADY? attitude. no srsly. i want it all done as soon as i’ve made a final decision. and typically they’re happy with that. what may drive them nuts is my ability to change my mind about things at a moments notice. so that final decision becomes F.D. Ver 1.2 then F.D. Ver 1.3 and on and on and on and on…
but really i do appreciate my crew. 

mostly what i appreciate is NOT being the labour. =) 

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