Wrath of the Lich King

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tho i always think wrath-of-the-lichen and i giggle inside cos a game about moss would be so funny. well at least to me. it has to be better then a game about directing puffs of air with fans, yes? tho >that< game kept ogre up half the night. a game about PUFFS.OF.AIR.

so when i read absolutely well written homages of lurve about games it kinda blows my mind. i used to think gaming really was for the simple minded. oh how little i knew, how naive. gaming is absolutely thoughtful  with copious amounts of STELLAR artwork. well thats the part i notice.  the art.

so given i’m not a gamer i tend to not be in on the press reviews about ogre’s job. but sometimes i’ll see one that has the ability, albeit slightly, to push me to want to play. and by play i mean watch and bug someone else who is actively playing.


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