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my son attends h.s. in a virtual academy. virtual denotes online. to attend school in an online community, it was assumed by me, that it (the community) would be populated with seasoned users of computers and the world wide web and how it ALL works tghr. oh how ignorant i truly am. or was. cos now my eyes have been opened and i have teh fear.

an excerpt from my son’s ninth grade Biology teacher:

1. Use the following link to view my welcome presentation: it starts out innocently enuf, eh? you are lulled into complacency

[link removed] the link actually worked, alls well in my world. i have no knowledge my world is about to explode.

You can use the large arrow to start and pause the presentation.  Use the small arrows to move forward or backward manually

are you frakking kidding me? did she just give 14yr olds and their Learning Coaches INSTRUCTIONS on HOW TO WATCH a power point slide show?? WTFOMGBBQ my head exploded. i had to read the sentence twice to even figure out WTF she’s talking about. large arrow? where? in the email?? it took me a few seconds to extrapolate she was referring to HOW TO VIEW something, anything, ON THE INTERNET. did she miss the memo where this generation of kids could change the Blues Clues DVD to the Pokemon one and press PLAY while still wearing pewp filled diapers and lacking molars??

if you can’t frakking press a PLAY button of any variety in whatever format your viewing it in ON THE INTERNET you need to be scalped. (yes, i just got in from a viewing, where i didn’t have to press the large button to view, of Inglourious Basterds. yes, i loved it!) you also need your computer taken away and given to a small child in third world country.

this all comes on the heals of discovering there’s no search option in the forums they want us to frequent. Nor can i forward a ‘WebMail’ to anyone of my choosing. along with that thought there’s not an address book to add an email addy of a friend or two i’m sapposed to make via my forays into the forums. and the school calender they provide and encourage you to use doesn’t come preloaded with pertinent school holidays and the like. okay that last one may be a little fancy but surely a SEARCH function isn’t too fancy? right? need i remind you this a 100% online academy. school. being able to SEARCH just seems so natural in an environment of the ONLINE SCHOOL type.

off to go use the large arrow on my remote.

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