Mommy, i want a ?

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was reading a blog about siblings this morning. about how she felt wrt the bond or lack there of. then i read all the comments and got to thinking.yes, legally i have siblings but at 16 and 27 years distance from me wheres the cherished childhood memories that so many commenters spoke of? the shared memories are what seem to make the bond not parentage. and i agree. my sister has always felt more like my half child then my half sister. what’s to say about my brother? i wish and want that maybe next summer he’ll be allowed to come out to visit for a few weeks sans his parents so we can just get to bond up. secular summer camps, tacos in the sand and permanant living in board shorts and sunscreen. but does that really a sibling bond make?

i suspect yes. we’d have shared memories of just us, no parents! tho due to my age would he see me as a parental figure?

either way as i child when i wanted siblings i had none. but now i have 2 and i really believe i’m able to be a much better sibling to them both now then i would’ve had i had them then.

but still neither one are in my pool hanging around. which is my ideal way to make some shared sibling memories.

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