Beginning of a Great Adventure

October 7, 2011 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

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WOOHOO!!! Shadow and Country Mouse have completed the Appalachian Trail.

Back when my California, nee Ogre, was hiking he met up with these two and they became friends, then I flew out there and found them to be my friends too! and now they’ve completed the Trail and after some immediate R&R with some family folks I hear they’ll be coming our way!! I’m SO EXCITED to see them again, to offer our (completed) house as a place to hang out and get some body recovery. Those two have some of the best human spirits I’ve met lately, and trust I’ve been searching for good humans. I may have to prevent them from talking about cresting Mt Katadhin for fear it’ll make my Ogre get back on the trail. =) nah he promised not to do that again for a few years! See you soon guys!!! <3

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