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it’s been awhile since i’ve said anything. letsee…
had a great Facetime chat with California and Shadow and Country Mouse & Flute today. 
tho she was more in her room so i only saw her in passing. they’re all having a zero and
celebrating with home cooked steaks and sweet potatoes and BEER! dinne rin a cabin with wifi! and laundry in house with none! 
share around the blessings them hikers do. 
i hope they know i really want to be there with them. sometimes i miss California-Ogre-Hiker-Hubby
SO DAMN MUCH. and others he’s just a soft voice and feeling in the back of my empty bed er head. 

the house is progressing so damn fast i can’t keep my To Do list straight. just when we reach the end of one finish line i find that 20 more start lines have come to take it’s place. 
oh well. all it truly means is that once done IS DONE. done right. done for years! 
a hawt water addition was supposed to be in 2012 but i’ve moved that up to NOW. i like jacuzzi more then pools on any given occasion…

i leave you with a shot of Egypt ( i made it large) hopefully my blog doesn’t size it down. one thing the history books never made clear is that these pillars held whole communities above them. 
streets. markets. and i assume palatial housing. i imagine a royal child didn’t touch the ground much- if at all. 

Luxor, Egypt Nov 2010

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