Egypt & a mini love letter

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Neil & Janine. we met in Nov 2010 in Cairo. we became fast friends in sickness and once all were well
they took a long weekend to come visit in March. in fact they were here for HYOH 2011. 


 my point to show you these photos is to point out my deep amusement. my mocking. i only do it outta deep affection for Janine.
she is the butt of snark. ready? 


HER HANDS. they kill me dead. once upon a time some one must’ve told her hands-go-crossed-on-lap-never-to-be-moved.


Go ahead scroll up and down. her hands they are frozen! i’m not joshing you. wish i had tech prowess to do a montage of ALL my shots were her hands are perfectly
poised. straight outta an Olan Mills senior portrait session. 
now technically these shots are sad. theres something going on called “back focus” and clearly i AM QUEEN OF IT. it plaques more
shots then i care to admit or show you. i bring it here cos her hands are too damn amusing to not. AND my shots have captured the sweetness
of Neil & Janine. the personality their marriage has… their comfort with each other. i want to thank them. thanks for becoming great friends. thanks for being willing to be my models. 
and from the deeper part of me, thanks for being with me, the day after my husband left. it was such a hard day emotionally and being with you two really set the tone for
the next week and maybe month. 
Thank you. can’t wait to see y’all again. 

Green Lamborghini’s FTW!


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