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my fav baby vlogger is back!!

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Jessica’s Blog: Blowin’ Smoke

Can Haz A BayBee?

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i feel this way about GrayCee.

a moment.

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have i been neglecting you, my poor sweet blog? please forgive. it’s been interesting over here. i thought life was going –> that direction but then BLAM things changed and no, we’re going <– this way. takes some adjusting. and sometimes i don’t get to indulge in my fotoging. but here’s the last time i did: 




am i finding my niche? the style of shots i REALLY REALLY want to take?





seems so. as i’d say these are my personal top 10 EVER shots. i am so blessed to be at a point in my life where i have the chance to do work i love. so grateful. 

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