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Stuff. i haz it.

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been thinking a lot about my stuff. how i used to have hardly any. then how it was all destroyed (twice). and now how and more importantly, why i am a acquiring more. i practice this philosophy; just because i CAN does that mean i SHOULD? and if i DO what is the EXACT impact owning some thing will HAVE?

this i try to make my daily mindset. sure some things get bought with no thinking. Music? Sure. Books? Absolutely. anyway… my Ogre is leaving (me) for 6 months and we’ve been talking a lot about stuff. mainly the things (stuff) i will be 100% responsible for. we’re going round and round about things and his response is nearly always “it’s just STUFF, i don’t care” then i find this article ( today and much of it really sinks deep with me. one paragraph really moved me.

Another way to resist acquiring stuff is to think of the overall cost of owning it. The purchase price is just the beginning. You’re going to have to think about that thing for years—perhaps for the rest of your life. Every thing you own takes energy away from you. Some give more than they take. Those are the only things worth having.

everything i own takes energy away from me so i better damn well make sure things i do own have value to me. ok! i can get behind that thought process. and so in reality i’ve already been practicing a fair amount of this. i’m excited for the changes this practice is bringing. can’t wait to offload some big things that own me and get real down and dirty with the smaller things that own me.

so my Ogre doesn’t much care about stuff and i do care about stuff. so how about we leverage our care? i find less to care stuff to care about and Ogre finds… well Ogre’s off to find himself and i think thats just about perfect, for now. =)

Eye to Eye

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this is how a Note To Self looks in my world:

Designing stringer risers based on what tools are avail to install. The drill head is the pivot point

um what?

i know exactly whats going on here. and i find it kinda amazing that in this day and age of cutting edge space travel, medicine, and electronics, building things still is kinda old school. our ideas for these stairs are AWESOME. no really. but we keep coming up against a lack of tools able to be used to install the risers as we see them.
AND i’m really enjoying the thought process that happens when we talk about ‘this is the tool we have’ Vs ‘this is the design’ and without giving up an idea we GET CREATIVE and push ourselves to still have the design using the limited tools.

and guess what? WE WORKED IT OUT. the risers might even be more beautiful then *I* had designed. my metal guy and Mr CM have taken my design and (in my eyes) made it even better!

one day i’ll show you pictures. the steel has been ordered today and if all goes well i’ll have stringers in 2 weeks. temp risers immediately after that. and towards the end of this whole thing i’ll have beautiful solid 3″ pieces wood risers seemingly floating in air.

LOVE THIS LIFE! so grateful.


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making resolutions for me means carrying over a few of last years resolutions. my most favourite, and often easiest to accomplish is when eating out to avoid chains. basically support local, where ever i am.
i try to do this in my shopping too, but i fail. miserably. i do kinda absolutely shine when it comes to keeping strong about eating at local small places. BUT! last night i found out some interesting things about Claim Jumpers, one of my fav out-to-eat places. we all know CJ is a chain. a chain that serves humongous plates of citrus salad! it has been on my list of Places To Avoid. and i’ll admit i failed sometimes when faced with a choice of some local unknown untested strip mall foods or CJ. i’ve been known to go to CJ. it’s true. i lose my resolution in the face of Claim Jumpers.
Well now i’ve got some background info that may serve us all to treat CJ as a local joint. or at least get warm fuzzies when we think of CJ. Claim Jumpers used to be owned by the Nickoloffs, Carl (dad) & Craig (son) they sold it in the late 70’s but it started in Los Alamitos. prior to that Carl ran Niks’ Coffee Shop in LB. see where i’m going…?
now some more (4th gen?) Nickoloffs run 2 local places here in San Clemente. my most fav sammich shop, Humphrys and Nicks in SC. there’s also Nicks in Laguna. whenever i wanted a good enuf deli sammich i had to drive up to Tudors in Dana Point. now a mere 1.5 miles away i have SAMMICHES at Humphrys.
i’ve never been to Nicks here on Del Mar and thats not because i didn’t know about it. i do. i’ve been told plenty how good it is. but that often comes with how crowded it ALWAYS is. i’ve been waiting to hear reports of the furor dying down, don’t suppose it will any time soon… Guess i’ll just have to bite my aversion of crowds and go check it out.

so what do you think? Claim Jumpers is back on the ‘support local’ resolution? it feels like a stretch but a logical one.

last i heard Nicks in SC doesn’t do reservations so lets queue up and go check it out for dinner tonight. i want you to be our guest so come over, k?

January? February? June?

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Which month is he on my Hawt Construction Workers of Casa De Rumz calender?

If my house is built by beautiful men, how can it (the house) Not be anything but beautiful too? 

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Go West

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(Together) We will love the beach
(Together) We will learn and teach
(Together) Change our pace of life
(Together) We will work and strive

There where the air is free
We’ll be (We’ll be) what we want to be 
Now if we make a stand 
We’ll find (We’ll find) our promised land 

Luxor Temple, Egypt. Nov 2010

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Hesham Speaks

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Of many smoke breaks Hesham often used that time to tell non OG stories.

they were very entertaining and illustrated.
and never is he ever without a smoke. he is the living embodiment of
“Smoke’em if you got’em”
I’m sure he must hear it from many, with every tour, but i sure do hope he gets
to the States some day. it would be my pleasure to tour him around Southern California.
Tho! at a much much more leisurely pace. =)
he might should bring his own smokes. i suspect the watered down version we have just won’t do.
Hesham Rahoma, Egypt. November 2010

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