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Various Egypt Shots

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our Egyptian Fotog group has a Best Of photo album, thought i’d show you the ones i submitted. the only guide was to not submit a photo it was likely everyone else got.

wish you were here

Giza Jockey


And he felt the warmth of a wrinkled old hand.

Hapi Mama

Selah breeze

Chasing freedom to and fro

the trajectory of an arc

How pleasant the salt anesthetic

Answan Dam

Our time here is short. We return to myth

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We ditched the Crypts for Street-toging.

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Street-togs at work


i spotted her first, doing whatever it is unaccompanied beautiful children do. never did see her grown-up, and i was looking. i kept waiting to get the stink eye from 
whoever was looking after her. we never did. 


5 street-togs fotoging her. Overwhelmed her a bit. 


if 5 people smile at you, theres only one thing to do SMILE back!


Harry show her herself. 

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