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The Little Pyramid That Could

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Good Morning, today we get to go as close as possible to these babies. Been awake since 0214. It was trying to wait for the sun to rise.

View is from the rooftop bar of our hotel. I snuck in…
It’s a wall of sound at prayer time. The first time I heard it it reminded me of trees full of cicadas only the pitch wasn’t right. I stood still for a few seconds and was able to identify it as men chanting. Then I was able to here the loud speakers leading the prayer. Helps to have moments of stillness to hear. (maybe I’ll work on that this trip-stillness)
There is a third little pyramid to the right of the two. Doubt yll be able to see it w these iPhone photos but I feel quite certain it’s my favorite. I really wish a few of my favorite ppl were here. Love & Miss You.

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